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Is 440c steel good for knives?

440c steelIs 440c steel suitable for a knife? That comes with a variety of brands, prices, and features. Here, we’ve got the rest of the best steel for kitchen and outdoor use knives.

Our current pick for the 440c stainless steel. It’s a steal for a knife that does just about everything right. However, steel is an excellent pick for cutting.

Just relax; all you need is to read this guide to buy the best steel design and manufactured exclusively to meet your specific cutting, slicing, and chopping requirements. After all, you will get to know about things you need to keep in mind while buying knives.

If you are confusing in choosing the right steel, checkout our full list and buying guide of the latest steel-Is 5160 steel good for knives.

The Best 440c Knives

1. iField 150 Survival Camping Fixed Blade Knife

For those who are interested in the 440c steel, we highly recommend that you try out the iField 150 Survival Camping Fixed Blade Knife. It is made with the famous 440c steel that has a hardness of 58-60. Even the steel is excellent and robust, ready for the worst parts of the wildlife.

On the other hand, it has a reasonable price, so let’s see why its hunting or camping knife, with 7’of blade and 5mm of thickness, is a lag beefy knife.

After all the steel comes with great finish, the grind is on point, and has the e440c stainless steel, all of this for a small price, and on top of this a Multiposition black leather sheath.

It has a small bag where you can leave your favorite sharpening stone.

2. ESEE Izula Fixed Blade Knife

If you need the best EDC knives, then the ESEE Izula Fixed Blade Knife is the best. As for features, the knife is incredibly light but highly sturdy. On the other hand, you can carry it every day without any handle scales without it sticking out as a scary knife to the public.

After all, the knife is hand-sharpened before shipping and includes super-sharp out of the box. Most people love this one made from 440c stainless steel, and the blade will hold an edge perfectly well. This is the most popular knife in the market there, and we can see why.

First and foremost, the knife has high corrosion resistance, and it will not easily rust when exposed to wet conditions. To sum up, it is tough and will enable the blade to hold up to various forms of abuse.

We hope you will love its design, the open all steel handle looks very cool and keeps the weight down.

However, if you purchase this knife, it’s like having an insanely robust pocket knife.

Why Purchase This One:

  • Blade length: 2.875 inch
  • Knife length: 6.25 inch
  • Lightweight: 2 ounces only
  • Comes with molded sheath
  • What is 440c Steel?

440c stainless steel knives is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel that belongs to the 440 steel series. These series include other series like 440A and 440B. However, this steel is the highest carbon steel in this series and comes with the highest strength, hardness, and wear-resistance than its siblings.

Most of the users love this one due to its high corrosion resistance. On the other hand, the steel also takes and holds a perfect mirror-like finish longer and requires minimal care. It is excellent rugged, highly wear-resistance, and dependable.

We have also created a complete guide on how to select a right knife steel – 5cr15mov stainless steel.

440c Steel properties

After researching this steel, we found that the 440c stainless steel knife blades are a proven performer, and it’s the same reason it’s still used to make knives. It’s even the same case; nearly all knife enthusiasts own a knife or two made from this steel.

After all, in this part, we’ll see some of the different features that propel this steel to high performance and win it a spot in the realm of top-rated knife blade steels.


Do you know about 440 stainless steel hardness? After all, the steel comes with a Rockwell hardness ranging from 58-60HRC. And that is considered relatively hard for blade steel.

As for features, it is the hardest in the 440 steel series. This high hardness can increase the Carbon and Chromium content used in its composition. As a result, it can perform excellently in terms of wear and abrasion resistance and will not easily give in to surface demolition.

Edge retention

Edge retention and hardness always go hand in hand. So thanks for this high hardness that comes with excellent edge retention. On the other hand, its high carbon steel grades are usually associated with perfect edge retention.

After all, the steel is great for long-time use and without getting dull compared to other Chinese steel knives. So we hope this steel is perfect to have in an outdoor knife.


440c stainless steel is hard, so it cannot be highly tough at the same time. However, the steel use of high content of Molybdenum plays a crucial role in increasing its overall toughness. That can enable it to resist shock and lateral forces and withstand rugged outdoor use.

Corrosion resistance

Who need anti-corrosion properties, and then the steel offers excellent features. For its high chromium content makes stainless steel that keeps off stains, corrosion, and rust.


What type of steel is best for sharpening? Before buying the 440c stainless steel, keep in mind that it is hard steel, and sharpening it might not be a simple task for you.

On the other hand, with more advanced sharpening methods available, you will still be able to give your 440c knife an excellent sharp edge. Although, the process will take a long time. Happy, it retains its sharpness for a long time, saving you from sharpening it before every use.

440C vs other steel

In this part, we compared the 440c steel with other steels regarding edge retention, corrosion resistance, retention, and ease of sharpness.

440C vs 420HC

These two steel provides the same type of corrosion resistance and ease of sharpness. On the other hand, the 440c steel comes with slightly higher better edge retention but lower toughness than 420HC.

440C vs D2

If you purchase the D2 steel, then you will get better retention and toughness than 440c. On the other hand, when you want excellent corrosion resistance and easy sharpening, then 440c is way better than D2.

440C vs AUS8

This term, 440c is the best steel because it provides slightly better edge retention and toughness than AUS8. But 440c is easy to sharpen. And these two steel comes with the same level of corrosion resistance.

440C vs 1095

When you food lover and chef, then you need to purchase a suitable steel knife. So, 1095 steel comes with excellent toughness. On the other hand, 440c outshines the steel with higher corrosion resistance. These two steel are straightforward to sharpen.

Is 440c steel good for knife?

Who looking for the best corrosion resistance, then the 440c steel is great because it has good edge retention and extremely easy to sharpen. Even the steel is fantastic how the steel strikes a terrific balance between good toughness and wear resistance.

As for features, the steel has a fantastic mirror-like finish that it can keep for decades. This polish makes the 440c steel stainless knives easy to clean and maintain. Even these perfect attributes indicate that 440c is indeed good knife steel.

440c composition

Element Composition (%)
Carbon 1.1
Chromium 17.00
Molybdenum 0.50
Manganese 0.45
Silicon 0.30
Phosphorous 0.04
Sulfur 0.03

Carbon 1.1 can enhance hardness and corrosion resistance, besides a high amount of it decreases strength.

Chromium 17.00 is great for tensile strength and edge retention and that improves corrosion resistance and wears resistance.

Manganese 0.50 is great for tensile strength and edge retention and that improves corrosion resistance and wears resistance.

Silicon 0.30 comes with great hardness and brittleness.

Phosphorous 0.04 will increases strength.

Sulfur 0.03 for this steels you will get hardness and brittleness.

I also like to share with you out best steels list that will help you choose the right steel – 8cr13mov stainless steel.

440c Steel Review – Final Verdict

You should now have a better idea of which knife steel are considered the best in this year, as well as our favorite choices of each brand. Because our experts have invested thousands of hours into this research, we’d appreciate our reader’s feedback and personal experience with the reviewed brands.

However, the 440c stainless steel is admired for its perfect corrosion ability and wear resistance. For this ideal mirror polish, the steel is good steel for making knives.

After all, in our opinion, it can be an excellent option for kitchen and EDC knives, as the steel can sustain its look and edge well in a wet environment and hold the edge for a long-time.

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