Best Professional And High End Kitchen Knife Sets – Buying Guide

These Professional Knife Sets Offer Premium Quality And High-End Performance For Pro Chefs or Busy Home Cooks.

Innovations in manufacturing and metallurgy over the past 50 years have brought about an increase in quality as well as an increase in the price of the standard kitchen cutlery set by 2022. But the adage “You get what you pay for” is still true.

There are many aspects that differentiate an inexpensive chef’s knife from a professional chef’s knife. Quality of steel, handles, balance, and aesthetics are the main factors that help set the knives in these sets apart and justify their expensive price. If you’re tired of the mid to low-end cutting sets for your kitchen and are willing to pay a little more for an elite-quality knife set that will make your kitchen counter look most attractive, there are some excellent choices.

The range of prices for the set of cutlery in this article ranges from $750 to 2400. Due to the fluctuation in prices, there are usually a few sets listed in this article that cost just under $500. Naturally, the word “high-end” is subjective however $500 seems to be a reasonable base for what people would think is high quality. If this range is higher than you’d like to put down for a set of cutlery take a look at our article on the top knives for the kitchen under $300..


We have lots of time working on Nothing But Knives working with an extensive selection of kitchen knives as well as outdoor cutlery. In this article, we tried several professional knife sets and knives. We also spoke to chefs as well as cooks, butchers and even an owner of a food truck who is busy to find their thoughts about the top professional knife sets as well as high quality chef knives. We continue to evaluate new series of knives and sets when they become available to make sure this article is up-to-date.


Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Knife Set
Zwilling Professional S 16-Piece Set
Cangshan TC Series 17-Piece Knife Set
Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set
Shun Premier 7-Piece Essential Knife Set
Buck Knives 13-Piece Cutlery Block Set
Kramer By Zwilling Euroline 7-Piece Knife Set
Hammer Stahl 21-Piece Classic Knife Set
Zwilling Pro 10-Piece Knife Set
Lamson Premier Forged 10-Piece Block Set
Enso SG2 7-Piece Knife Set
Miyabi Mizu SG2 7-Piece Knife Set
Wusthof Crafter 7-piece Knife Set



X50CrMoV15 High Carbon Steel Blades
Triple Riveted Polypropylene Handle
15 Slot Walnut Knife Block
Full Tang
Forged not Stamped
Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology
Half Bolstered Blade Which Allows The Entire Blade To be Sharpened
Made in Germany

Set comes with the knives listed below: 5 inch serrated utility/tomato 3.5 inches paring 8 inches bread 5, 5 inch santoku 8 inches chef’s knife two pairs of shears that can be taken apart and an 6 slots storage block.

It’s pretty clear it Wusthofplans is the final kitchen knife set you have to purchase, that is the reason the reason why it is the Classic Ikon series is popular among professional chefs. The knives appear and feel durable enough to last through the coming apocalypse.

The most notable characteristic in these Ikon knives is the fact that they’re heavily balanced towards the point of the handle. This makes rock cutting feel much more natural and comfortable (for many people). Wusthof took great care to ensure that their Ikon series is balanced and simple to keep. There’s no such knife’s slicing power out of the box as majority of Japanese knives however, the traditional Ikon knifes are stronger and less likely to chip.

The set of seven pieces is a fantastic start-up set for those who want to begin using premium kitchen knives. This is since it is a great value when compared to purchasing these top knives on their own. It would be nice if the storage block had a few empty slots, so that the set could be enlarged in the future over time. It’s a good thing Wusthof offers a selection of storage blocks in separate stores and the possibility of upgrading to a larger block in the future is an alternative.

Although the knives in these are top-quality in all aspect to other sets of knives available but the workmanship is not as good as the top Karamer Zwilling sets. Zwilling Euroline sets and Zwilling J.A. Hickels 1731 Series sets that are discussed in the next section. The set is robust sufficient to make it the final set you buy, even when you’re in your twenties. they continue to give you the best performance at a professional level.

They Classic Ikon handles are contoured for comfort and are constructed from a tough polypropylene material which is triple riveted to the tang. This means that it won’t come loose after prolonged use as cheaper knives handles to do. Wusthof makes metal end caps on the point of the handle, giving the knives their remarkable balance. Although these Classic Ikon handles are not as appealing visually like other premium knife sets but they are strong and secure. They are also comfy.



Full Tang
High carbon with no stain stainless steel blades
Forged and not stamped
Polypropylene handles that are ergonomically designed
Full support
57 Rockwell Hardness
Made in Germany and Spain
Great Balance
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Set includes: one 4 paring knife and a 3” paring knife five serrated utility knife one 5.5″fine edge prep knife One 7” Santoku knife HE, an 8 bread knife and one 8” chef’s knife and six 4.5 steak knives and one sharpening iron 9′ knife, one kitchen shears, as well as an storage block

These Professional S knives are one of the more classic designs available on this. They’re similar to Zwilling Pro Series knives, however they feature a drop-point blade shape as opposed against Pro Series knives. Pro Series’ more curved edge, with a straight edge spine.

It is also the only knife in the Professional S series also has a full bolster (the part that the handle joins the blade) as well as Pro Series has a half bolster. Pro Series has a half bolster. Full bolsters provide those Professional S series knives better stability and function as a hand protector to prevent the hand from sliding into the blade. But, it makes it harder to sharpen entire edge.

They are Professional Series knives are produced from Solingen, Germany except for the steak knives that are manufactured in Spain. Solingen is among the two most renowned cities for knife manufacturing around the world. Another is Seki, Japan.

These knives are all constructed by Zwilling’s Sigmaforce one-piece precision-forged design that is well-known and impressive that they’ve managed to provide knives that are made using this technique at an inexpensive price. The incredible quality of the steel used in this knife is due due to Zwilling’s Friodur Ice Hardening procedure, which has proven that it is more than just marketing talking.

This set includes all the knives frequent home cooks will require and two slots that are empty inside this storage block, which means that more knives are able to be added as required. Zwilling also makes a variety of different sizes and colors of knife blocks that be used with the Zwilling Professional knives.

The Zwilling Professional S series of knives are not very well known but they’re well designed. They provide a high quality of performance for reasonable prices. The knives included in this set were developed in the hands of Matteo Thun to be contemporary, performance-driven knives that won’t cost a lot. Zwilling Professional S series knives are used by lots of chefs across the world however, they’re quite affordable they are compared with other sets of premium knives.

Learn the basics of Zwilling knives as well as the distinction between different knife models using our helpful Zwilling Knife Guide.



Full Tang
Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel
Great Edge Retention
Forged not Stamped
Made in Yangjiang, China
Extremely Sharp
Lifetime Warranty
Hand Crafted Walnut Block

Set includes 8″ chef, 8 bread 7, seven-inch santoku boning of 6′ 5, 5 serrated utility 5 tomato, 3.5” paring, 2.75” peeling six five-inch knife steaks, honing steel, and kitchen shears

Cangshan is relatively young kitchenware manufacturer which has entered the cutting-edge game with a vengeance. They initially made affordable knives that were popular and thought of as an excellent value. They recently released their premium TC knife series which use a premium Swedish Sandvik steell with decent edge retention and is extremely robust.

While the top-quality steel is an advantage in this knife set It is the style of these knives which makes them worthy of the list. Cangshan employed a style that is a mix between Western and Japanese design knives, which could be a bit like Dalstrong’s Shogun series or the Misen chef knife. It’s a large, thick blade like western knives, however it’s thinner behind the edges with a 16-degree angle like Japanese knives.

The TC knives work very well however it’s difficult to judge them in terms of durability because they’re brand fresh. The thing that makes them unique can be the uniquely shaped handles which are flared towards the top. The shape makes a perfect location to secure a pinch grip that is be particularly comfortable for those with hands that are smaller.

One of the main reasons this set is on the cut is because it is of decent quality throughout the set , which is not common for an enormous set. Most companies will throw poor quality knifes, such as kitchen shears, into sets this big for the sake of saving money however Cangshan has maintained the same high-quality on every knife in the set.

We looked at the Cangshan Chef’s knife TC some time ago If you’re want to know more information about it.



D Shaped Ebony Pakkawood Handles
Full Tang
VG-MAX Stainless Steel Core With 34 Layers (Each Side) of Stainless Damascus Cladding
4 Empty Knife Slots on the Block To Make Set Customization Easier
Hand Crafted
Forged not Stamped
Made in Seki, Japan

Set contains the following: 3.5 inch paring, 7 inches Santoku 8-inch chef and wood storage block kitchen shears, and honing steel

Shun Classic 6 Piece Shun Classic 6 Piece is an essential set that allows for customers to enter the top knife world at a price of less than $500. It comes with the best knives and has two slots within the block to allow it is possible to add more later.

This set is full of value from a price relative to. performance perspective. Shun Classics Shun Classics have a VG-MAX steel that has been folded multiple times using high carbon steel to create a blade that is more durable and keep a cutting edge that is longer.

They also feature the traditional D-shaped handle found in Pakkawood that you can’t have in all of the other knife collections from Shun. If you’ve never tried any knife that has the Japanese style handle in the shape of a D, you might want to test it before you buy the entire set. The majority of people like them and a lot of professionals and serious amateurs make use of the handles, but some who are used to Western-style ergonomic handles aren’t fond of the sensation of the tiny bump that sits on the side.

Shun Classic 10 Piece Set Shun Classic 10 Piece set is an excellent choice to consider if you’re in search of the perfect balance of high-end and volume in the form of a Japanese knives set. If you’re interested in the other products Shun produces, you’ll need to look over the Shun Knife Set guide. We also conducted an in-depth analysis on this Shun Classic Santoku knife that comes with this set. Go through it to find out which of our Shun Classic knives performs in the kitchen.



Full Tang
Steel VG-MAX
Oval Shaped Walnut Pakkawood handles
Three slots are empty to allow set customization
Hammered Finish
Made in Seki, Japan

Set contains the following items: 8″ Chef knife, 4″ paring knife 6.5″ utility knife, 9″ bread knife, herb shears combination honing steel , and an 11-slot bamboo knife storage block.

It is the Shun Premier series of knives shares many similarities to Shun Classic line such as steel blades made of VG-MAX, Packwood handles and similar bade design. There are however few improvements that distinguish apart the Premier series apart. They have handles that are oval, not D-shaped, and the handles of Pakkawood are crafted with the Walnut finish and the tops of the blades is broken to prevent the blade from getting stick.

Another benefit of this Premier collection is that it’s one of Shun’s most extensive collection of knives, meaning there are many options available if you’re looking to fill gaps in your storage block later on. The utility knife in the picture above is among the best knives of the set of 7 pieces. The shape of the blade is comparable that of that of the Shun Classic utility knife, however I noticed that the oval handles helped make this Premier utility knife more comfortable to hold over a wider range of tasks than the D-shaped handle of it’s counterpart, the Shun Classic utility knife. It is evident that D shape handle enthusiasts will be opposed, but they are able to create their own piece.

The set has been sold out at a majority of retailers throughout the period of 2021 and 2022 however I think it’s worth the wait when you’re looking for a durable Japanese knife that appears like a work of art displayed on countertops in your kitchen. From a performance perspective, this Shun Premier series is tough to beat in the production knife world However, the thin edges, the hard steel, and hammered finishes make these knives more susceptible to chipping. You should not cut through bones or frozen food with Shun Premier knives. I keep an extremely tough cleaver that has soft steel in my bag for these kinds of tasks.

You can find out how Shun Premier set stacks up against other brands of cutlery by going through the Shun Premier Chef Knife Review.



Full Tang
Steel 420HC with Paul Bos heat treat
58 Rockwell Hardness
Made in the USA
Handles are available Handles are available Rosewood Dymalux, Slate Paperstone and elk bone.
Triple Rivet Handles
Covered By Buck’s Forever Warranty

Set includes 8 chef knives Slicer 8′ 2.75 paring knife 4.0 paring knife 4.785 spreader BBQ fork, six cutting knives for steak.

Buck Knives is an odd name to be used in cutlery for kitchen use, and they’ve stepped into the knife business in an extremely Buck Knives style.

The knives are made of standard Buck 420HC steel, but with it having the Paul Bos heating treatment it is technically a lower-grade material, but I’d be more than happy to test it against the 440C or any knife from the kitchen coming out using steel made from the German 1.4116 steel. The 420HC is a bit soft, however, it is extremely easy to grind and can be used with a very thin edge. If well handled it can make amazing durable blades. Buck has worked with this type of steel for a long time and is famously known to have the 420HC in place.

Kitchen knives from Buck (especially the chef’s knife) will have a distinct feel than other knives due to of the curved handle design and the grinding. A major difference is the narrow hollow grid of the blade greatly reduces the food stick. However, it will allow for long, smooth cuts into large food items feel strange.

They are excellent to use with medium-sized vegetables as well as smaller cuts of meat. However, they might be a bit more difficult to cut through a huge slab of food because the grind will be a bit more sluggish than the flat of different kitchen knifes.

The other distinctive feature can be found in the handles. Although most kitchen knives maintain an almost straight line, Buck has molded their handles to have some stunning curves that offer a lot for traction the increased surface area. While they’re simple to hold on, they’re not designed to be a conventional pinch grip. It’s possible, but the dramatic flare that appears on near the ends of the handles is somewhat uncomfortable.

These are excellent knives for the majority of home cooks. Professional cooks might have a difficult time with them because the pinch grip as well as the grind aren’t the standard shapes of chef knives However, they’re extremely comfortable and have an excellent edge with a slender bite. Buck does not specify the angles it grinds their knife at however it appears (and is) as if it’s around 15 degrees. If you add to the performance of these knives by utilizing Buck’s lifetime warranty the knives are an ideal choice for kitchens at home.



FC61 Steel
Full Tang
The handles are extremely ergonomic and contoured.
Amazing edge retention
Forged not Stamped
61 Rockwell hardness
Made in Seki, Japan
Lifetime Warranty
Designed by Bob Kramer

Set contains the following eight inches chef knife seven inch Santoku knife 10, one 10 bread knife five inch utility knife and a 4” paring knife and a sharpening steel with a 12” diameter and an 14 slot storage block.

The Euroline Essential Collection is a product of a partnership with expert bladesmith Bob Kramer and Zwilling Henckles. Bob Kramer’s knives have become for a long time favourites of chefs from all over the world. They are, however, costly and expensive to purchase. Fortunately, Zwilling Hiskels made his work more accessible through licensing some of the designs from Kramer.

The knives from the Zwilling Kramer Euroline Essential Collection are artful pieces of art created in Zwilling’s Japanese manufacturing facility in Seki. They’re made for comfort and balanced. They have thick Micarta handle designed for the hard-working chefs who work long hours. They have big-bellied blades that permit edge modifications and provide ample space to take food in. It’s certainly one of the most efficient production kitchen sets currently available.

The Kramer Zwilling set is shipped with a pretty standard wooden block that seems odd considering the quality and gorgeous appearance of the knives included within this collection. Luckily, the block does come with empty slots in the event that you decide to add another knife included in the set, like the chef’s knife of 6 inches which I believe Zwilling left out in order to keep the set under $1000. The set is not shipped with steak knives, however there are 6 slots inside the storage block, which means that steak knives can be easily added in the future.

From a performance, quality and aesthetics point of view, there aren’t many top knife sets that could rival this one. Kramer by Zwilling Euroline Collection aside from maybe Zwilling’s Zwilling Kramer Meiji and Carbon 2.0 sets (but we’ve not had a opportunity to evaluate those).



X50CrMoV15 High Carbon Steel Blades
Full Tang
Forged not Stamped
Quad tang Packwood handles
Lifetime warranty
Great storage block design
20 degree edge grind

Set comes with these knives: 3.5″‘paring 7 vegetable cleaver, 4.5″ santoku, 7.5” santoku 8” cutting knife 6” cutting fork 8 bread knife, slicer 10 inches five-inch cheese knife eight 4.5 steak knives 10, sharpening steel 10 inches with a rotating bamboo block and two separate blocks for steak knives.

I’m always cautious about large sets of knives. Many times, the they come at the expense of quality. But, each knife in this 21-piece set made by Hammer Stahl is well built. The steak knives are an excellent value in terms of performance and durability perspective.

The bamboo’s rotating storage block is distinctive and useful. It was designed to fit at the corners of the counter, which means that just two edges of this storage block have knives. The backside is unfilled and slightly large, and if the block isn’t situated in a corner, it is far enough away of the wall, or the the edge that of the counter.

If space is a concern or you don’t have a kitchen counter-top corner, the block might not be the best choice, but the block’s size can be reduced by removing the two steak knife sections this is a design I’d like to see other companies will adopt.

From a performance perspective, They all perform well with the exception of two santoku knives and the eight chef knives pictured above. For most of the time, Hammer Stahl knives perform excellently for the money they are priced less than the other knives listed on this list. But, Hammer Stahl makes a stunning carving knife, and that is not a surprise since they’ve been on the BBQ world for a long time.

Hammer Stahl calls these knives quad tang due to the fact that the steel is visible to every side. This design element definitely gives the knives a great look and will increase their durability however it makes the feel difficult and slick when you hold them in a full grip. The balance is also shifted more heavily on the hand.

Overall, it’s a great set at a reasonable price Its storage block is extremely useful when you have counter space. The set has been a bit difficult to locate for the past few months. I believe this may have an element to supply chain issues that many businesses have faced during the past year. This set is fortunate enough to appear at Amazon along with on the Hammer Stahl site every few weeks, so it appears as if it’s still being manufactured.



Made in Solingen, Germany
Sigmaforged German steel that has Friodur cryo treatment
Curved Bolster
Full Tang Construction
Full tang
The handles are made from polymer (available in white and black)
Lifetime warranty
55 – 58 HRC

Set includes the following: 3″ paring knife, 4” paring knife, 5” serrated utility knife, 5.5”prep knife, 7” santoku knife, 8” bread knife, 8″ chef knife, twin sharpening steel as well as a 16-slot wooden block.

It’s one of the more easily accessible cutting-edge kitchen knife models in the world. It’s a basic knife to the point that if you hear the word Western as well as German chef knives, it’s simple to think of that Zwilling Pro chef knife.

I’d like to emphasize that this set is called”the” Zwilling Pro set. Zwilling also produces Pro S. ProS which is similar to similar to the Pro, but it comes with an entire bolster as well as the blade’s shape is somewhat more similar to an gyuto due to the way that the spine falls down and doesn’t leave much of an arc to the edge.

Both are produced using the identical Sigmaforge procedure using one piece of steel. Both are it goes through Zwilling’s unique set of cryo-treatments However, I prefer the one without bolsters since it’s much easy to sharpen the entire edge and is a much more comfortable pinch grip.

They are tougher than the hard. Zwilling will only allow about 58 HRC they’ll feature a typical Western edge retention that they’ll need to be sharpened after a few days or weeks of intense use. The knives should be sharpened up to twice every year (again dependent on the amount of use you’re putting into it). However, that use will be good. The Pro knives have a great balance, and the curved bolster makes for some of the best grips that you’ll discover in this list.

In terms of the 16 piece set, it’s to be more than what most people require However, at the very least, it’s a lot of something good. Two paring knives as well as the utility knife, will be prepared for work that requires precision. With both the Santoku along with the conventional Western chef’s knife this set is able to be used for almost every type of food, from delicate vegetables to tough cuts meat.

The Pro series has been in existence for a long time, so there are a variety of variations in terms of size and color of the handle. Make sure to take note of the absence in the form of an “S” in the name when you’re looking for fully bolsters.



One-piece, hot-drop hammer forged
Full Tang
Three different handles to choose from
American made
Triple rivet handles
Hand Crafted
Excellent balance
Lifetime warranty

Set comprises the following items: 3 Paring knife 3.5 Paring knife 6” utility knife, 6 fillet knife, 7″‘ Kullenschliff santoku knife, 8 bread knife 8 chef knife 10” slicer knife and 10 honing steel sharpening steel, a 9-slot storage block made of wood. storage block

This Premiere Forged Chef knife pictured above as well as Kullenschliff Santoku knife Kullenschliff Santoku knives are two most notable items in this ten-piece set.

Lamson is an American Cutlery maker which has been manufacturing high-end knives for more than 180 years. When it comes to quality, they’ve done decent job of staying ahead of big brand names that come from Germany in addition to Japan. Combining old-fashioned workmanship and the latest production techniques are evident with their Premiere Forged knife series. They are extremely robust and comfortable. Lamson is able to back their quality claim with a fairly decent lifetime guarantee.

These blades in the Premiere Forged series of knives are made from 4116 German steel which is quite common to find within Western kitchen knives as well as budget folders. It’s a durable steel but it’s less brittle than the X50 found in the majority of Wusthof knives. But Lamson’s heat treating procedure appears to result in an even more durable version of the 4116 steel that is used in other knives made from this same type of steel.

The advantage could be that blades from these knives are more likely to bend or roll slightly, and chip (although Edge geomtry is sturdy enough to prevent this from happening easily). The knives need to be sharpened slightly more often and are also less likely to sustain permanent damage when they hit the hard surface or bone. Luckily Lamson offers a wonderful sharpening program known as Sharp For Life which can in the process of sharpening.

It is the Premiere Forged series of knives come with three choices of handles The three choices are The Fire model, Silver and Rosewood. Handles of Fire knives are made from an acrylic specifically designed to be strong and comfortable to handle. The handles of Silver knives are made from Pakawood which is an engineered composite of resin and wood that is often used in high-end knives’ handles. The Rosewood handles of knives are obviously, made from rosewood.

Its handles on the Premier Forged series knives are extremely comfortable. the shape is like those of the Zwilling Pro S or the Wusthof Classic, but they’re more substantial and don’t have nearly as much of a swell down the middle. This is one of the things that are more comfortable for certain types of individuals and uncomfortable for other people. The hands of big hands tend to be more suited to the knifes, however it’s really about knowing what you like best.



The stainless steel is layered 101 times Damascus on top of the SG2 steel core
Canvas handles on micarta and a Samurai Crest
Full Tang
Forged not Stamped
Lifetime warranty
63 Rockwell hardness
True Damascus pattern
Made in Seki, Japan

Set contains these knifes: 3.25 inch paring, 6 inches utility 6.5 inches santoku 8 inches chef’s bread knife, 9 inches stainless steel shears that come apart and dark ash storage block.

The handles of SG2 Series knives are constructed from fine linen, which is my preferred material for handles. It is more often used on high-end survival knives, rather than kitchen knives. It is extremely tough and comfortable to hold. Even though these knives were made in Japan they come with an edgier handle that can make the knives more like a hybrid between East and West.

The Damascus design on the blades is the result of the fact that steel is layers. This is not fake etching you see on many budget knives available in the present.



SG2 Super Steel Core With Layered Damascus Steel
Friodur Ice-hardened
63 HRC
Full Tang
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in Seki, Japan
Micarta Handles
9-12 Degree Blade Angle

Set contains the following: one 3.5”paring knife One 5.5 utilitarian knife 9.5 Bread knife 9” tungsten sharpening stainless steel kitchen shears, an bamboo wood block.

The knives from the Miyabi Mizu 7 piece set ticked a lot of boxes from an aesthetics and performance perspective. They are as sharp as any other production knives we’ve examined. They require only a minimal pressure to slice through onions or tomatoes.

The steel SG2blades of the Miyabi-Mizu knife are hardened up by 63 HRC. The combination of premium steel and a relatively intense heat treatment ensures that these knives keep their edge longer than nearly any other knives in production. But, it is also a sign that they must be handled with attention to detail. They must be washed by hand and dried promptly. They shouldn’t be used for cutting through frozen or bone.

The D designed Micarta handle of the knives extremely comfortable and durable. The bolster’s slope makes these knives an excellent choice for people who love this pinch-grip. The knives included in this set are balanced and fun to use.

Miyabi is an Japanese company controlled by Zwilling, a German knife manufacturer known as Zwilling, which is famous for their outstanding Friodur the ice-hardening treatment. The outcome of the two companies combining is that it allows Miyabi to blend their highly-respected Japanese design with Zwilling’s unique heat treatment. It is the Mizu SG2 performs at a top level due to the knowledge and experience from German as well as Japanese knives makers.

Take a look at our in-depth analysis of Miyabi Mizu 8-inch chef knife for an in-depth analysis of the Miyabi Mizu series ‘ performance and endurance.

If you’re looking to find out more about our views regarding the quality of Miyabi Mizu knife series, take a look at our in-depth analysis of Miyabi Mizu 8 Inch Chef Knife.



Blades made of high carbon steel X50CrMoV15
Full tang
Forged, not stamped
Three riveted Smoked Oak handles
Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology
Half-bolstered blades that allow all blades to sharpen
PEtec blade edge
Made in Germany

Set comes with these knives: 3.5 cutting, 5, 5 inches serrated utility, 9 inches two-serrated bread knives, an 8 inches chef’s knife, come-apart shears honing steel measuring 9 inches, along with a 9-slot Oak hardwood storage block.

The Crafter series by Wusthof has been available for some time and seems to be a bit under-appreciated by the majority of people. It’s a shame since the Crafter series of knives blend modern production techniques with a traditional style that is the result of a fantastic quality and attractive knife collection. The water-resistant Oak handles are comfortable and distinctive in the world filled with fancy new synthetic knives. It is evident that the rustic appearance of this set isn’t enough to justify the cost. The knives are excellent in terms of performance. They are able to hold their edge well, their handles are comfortable, and the overall style of the knives make them an excellent upgrade for almost every home cook who wants to upgrade their cutlery for the kitchen.

I do wish Wusthof will offer a version of this set that includes steak knives as they do have some fantastic Crafter cutting tools for the steak. But they can be bought on their own if to would like matching steak knives in the future. There’s also a fantastic Santoku knife within the Crafter series, but it isn’t included in the set. There are slots that are empty within the storage block, which means that more knives are easily added. The Oak handles of the knives included in this set are water-resistant However, they shouldn’t be placed into the dishwasher.


The best knives require the best maintenance. Keep in mind it’s not just the case that something is priced at an enormous amount of money does not mean that it’s impervious to damage. Here’s a short guide to how to utilize and maintain your knives.


  • Do not cut anything frozen.
  • Cut in a smooth and straight motion (Don’t turn the knife)
  • Cut only on cutting board (Bamboo is fine however it can cause your knives to dull quicker)


  • Always wash your knife by hand.
  • Clean the blade immediately after you’ve cut something (especially when cutting acidsic foods such as citrus and particularly in the case of carbon blade)
  • Always dry your knife thoroughly after making use of the knife (even stainless knives will rust when left in water)
  • Don’t leave your knife in the sink.
  • Apply a thin coat of food-grade mineral oil over carbon steel knife blades to ensure long-term storage


  • The majority of knives need to be polished after prolonged use (a stainless steel with a fine groove or a rod with a high grit are preferred)
  • Find a professional sharpener can trust to sharpen every once per year
  • Or Sharpen them yourself in the event that they don’t can cut through paper (it is a process that requires practice but anyone can learn to do it)


Different types of knives need different types of steels and it’s worthwhile to learn some background information about the reason for this so long as you plan on spending about the same amount as the cost of a tank of gas for the item.


The most crucial thing to note about the knife steel is how strong it is.

This is the most oversimplified and egregiously sloppy summaries for the general public:

Steel made of stainless requires a greater exposure to corrosion. It’s also generally more durable that can make edge retention higher, however they’ll be more difficult to sharpen.

Carbon steel is much more durable and more easy to sharpen (and typically has the form of a thinner edge) however, it can develop spots of rust quickly if it is left damp for long.

If we truly wanted to dive into the weeds we’d break this into carbon high alloy, low alloy and stainless steels however, we don’t really wish to be in the deep weeds. That’s the job of skilled people who are more knowledgeable that we.

Carbon Steels Will Form a Patina

It’s a minor discoloration of the blade as a result of the surface corrosion. For people who are collectors or enthusiasts of knives made from carbon overall this is a positive thing. This indicates that it has seen use and all knives tend to change color, which can make it more distinctive to the person who owns the.

Some find it unappealing however. If you’re looking for the blade to remain like the one you had the time you bought it stainless steel will be the best option to choose.


It goes beyond simply being stainless or not. There are a myriad of kinds of steels that fall into every category, and different types of knives are able to work better with certain types of steel. In addition, various styles can be associated with various countries and steels used in those nations.

Here’s the deal.


This will typically be a tough, but relatively fragile material. Japanese knife designs are generally designed with the idea that you’ll perform extremely cautious precise cuts on delicate seafood and vegetables, and making very precise cuts on meat.

The shorter explanation is Japanese knives are usually made stronger and thinner to perform more precise cuts. As a result, they’re typically made of steels that can withstand very thin edges and be heated to a high degree of hardness (generally between 60 and 64 HRc region). This includes stainless steels like Shun’s VG-10 and VG-MAX and (dipping to the conventional side) carbon steels with a high purity such as Blue and White.


German knifes, also known as western style are constructed to be stronger and more durable so that they can withstand things like cutting down whole chickens without cutting an edge off bone. They typically make use of stainless steels that have been which are tempered with a soft range, usually 56 to the HRC range, which is usually 58-.

A number of German companies make use of this same type of steel. There are a variety of terms for it, but nearly every kitchen knife in the western style is likely to be constructed of any variation of 1.4116 steel which is similar in composition that it’s basically similar to X50CrMoV15 (they’re manufactured by different companies, however). Actually every time you see a firm advertising a knife made of “high quality German stainless steel” or something else that’s similar it’s a good likelihood that it’s 1.4116.

In terms of appearance, the material isn’t remarkable when compared to other materials but it’s an extremely durable steel that German firms have worked for a long time. Wusthof has been able to dial in the right amount and Zwilling has experimented with it to the point of using names like “Friodur hardening” to describe their methods. Both of these firms are producing knives that last for many a time and it’s all about the way that metal is treated.


There’s not likely to be any product that is marketed as”Swedish chef’s knife” or “Swedish chef’s knife”, however more and more businesses are beginning to integrate Swedish as well as Austrian steels into their designs.

It is often being utilized in Western knife designs because manufacturers such as Bohler or Sandvik are excellent in making hard, grinding steels. AEB-L is a popular choice for several custom makers. It is also a version of it is utilized for Zwilling’s stainless Kramer line.

14C28N and 13C26 are quite similar to AEB-L but they appear to be more robust and with greater edge stability, and a dream for manufacturing in the sense of helping create consistent mass-produced quality.


Almost. However, the reality is that most producers of kitchen cutlery don’t employ American steels often. Even companies such as Lamson that are located in the US are still using the proven quality of 1.4116.

Kitchen knives made of American steel are not uncommon but they are not uncommon, particularly within the custom-made knife world. Bob Kramer is a huge fan of the 52100 knife, for instance. This is the model Zwilling includes on the Kramer Carbon 2.0 line. It’s true that a lot of time the time an EDC-focused company such as Benchmade or Spyderco creates kitchen knives they make use of Crucible’s S45V, Carpenter’s CTS BD1N or even 440C in order to save money.

The majority of these steels are costly and hard to use but. Established kitchen knife makers typically do not want to alter their manufacturing methods to cope with these steels, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll find Wusthof or Messermeister making the CPM 154 blade anytime time in the near future.

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