Best Butcher Knife Set For Hunters – Buying Guide

The Best Butcher Knife Set For Hunters From Budget To High End

We’ve previously discussed the best knives to use for processing game that you hunt. But what happens when you’re at home at home, cozy and comfortable in the butchery shop you likely have, and you’re ready to transform that killing into a freezer packed with venison? What should you do to begin butchering meat in your either home, or even in your garage and what’s the top set of knives that you will need in this situation?

Here are some great knife sets ranging from budget to premium to keep within your home kitchen, or at the garage butcher shop in case it’s time to turn dead bodies into delicious pieces of beef.

Additionally, I think I should include this list in the event that these deceased bodies are such as deer, turkey or something else. However, I’m not here to give you advice on how do you live your lives.


  • Victorinox 7 Piece Field Dressing Butcher Knife Set
  • Victorinox Ultimate 8-Piece Competition BBQ Set
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Field Dress Kit
  • Ontario Knife Co. 5 Piece Old Hickory Knife Set 705
  • P3 Mad Cow Cutlery Jero Brand Commercial Grade Butcher Knife Set
  • High Desert Big Game Butcher Hunting Set 
  • Dexter Russell Butcher Chef Set 


I’ve tried to provide an array of options in terms of cost and quality, meaning that these sets are of the highest high-end, but they’re sufficient to take good take care of you.


Set Includes:

6” Boning Knife (Narrow)
6” Boning Knife (Flexible)
8” Breaking Knife
10” Cimeter Butcher Knife
Honing Rod
X50 CrMOV15 Steel
Storage: Portable Soft Case

It’s difficult to make a mistake with any product made by Victorinox however, they’re typically priced in the premium category. They attract lots of attention from professional chefs as well as people who just enjoy cutting up food for fun. This set includes two varieties of boning knives, so you’ll have a wide selection of capabilities depending on the kind of game you’re working. Additionally, that the cimeter type butcher knife is perfect to cut up large sections. It would also make an excellent hunting set, despite its neat-cut appearance. With the roll-up case as well as the carbon steel with high carbon it’s a solid set that can be carried around if you’re contemplating a camping trip for a long period of time and have a great place to make your camp.


Set Includes:

Standard Paring Knife
Boning Knife
Carving Knife
Slaughter Knife
10” Cimeter w/Graton Blade
12” Wide Slicer w/Graton Blade
9” Sharpening Steel
8-Piece Knife Roll

The Field Dressing Kit is technically designed for wild game in nature, this kit is more for butchers and cooking at home. It’s the Competition BBQ series is the Victorinox answer to any problem in the kitchen, especially where cutting and cooking meat is involved. The set includes 8 pieces and is (for the moment) their biggest set of their Fibrox Competition series and it offers everything you need, from beginning butchering process to cutting the grilled meat for sandwiches.

All that cutlery may seem a bit overwhelming for someone looking to chop. The granton-edge knives aren’t an essential feature but they’re great to have. If you’re looking to make your kitchen less bulky, purchase this set without granton-edge knives , but still have the lovely knife roll and the cimeter. If you’re looking to be really massive you can get a 24 piece Fibrox set that will outfit the entire kitchen for the duration of its time.

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Set Includes:

10” Cimeter
8” Breaking Knife
6” Inch Boning Knife
6” Fillet Knife
3.25” Paring Knife
Honing Steel
X50CrMoV15 Steel

It’s basically the smaller model of what that we discussed earlier, but there are times when you’ll want an easier set. It’s just me saying it’s available.

Victorinox is one of the most trusted brands in the field of… basically any kind of knife really. However, the chef knives they make are robust. They’ve always excelled at crafting durable tools through their creativity in crafting rather than adding mass. The use of the X50CrMo15 stainless steel is an added benefit.

They last a long time thanks principally to the construction of their blades. Since they also make some of the best cutting tools and kitchen knives It’s safe to say Victorinox has a good handle on food preparation in general. I’m sure they designed this set to serve large game such as reindeer, however, as with all sets an excellent set of knives can be used for almost any type of meat you can put the effort into. It’s interesting to note that they included in a paring knife however, considering it’s the second most frequently used knives in kitchens, following it’s chef’s knives, it’s not a surprise that it’s useful to butcher too.



8” Slicing Knife
3.25” Paring Knife
4” Paring Knife
7” Butchers Knife
6” Boning Knife
1095 High Carbon Steel

This is possibly my top set of this list, if only for the reason other than the fact that it looks great.

It’s also insanely good. Ontario Knife Co. are experts when it comes to hunting. The set was made using their standard High Carbon Steel 1095, with the handles of wood and compression rivets. It’s not the sort of equipment that chefs at work using all the time since wood can harbor bacteria much more easily and high carbon steel can be more difficult to keep clean over the course of a 40-hour working week however, this set is adequate for hunter who comes home with a healthy amount of boar or deer. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly after working with them, as they are certainly more susceptible to rust than anything else in this list.


Set Includes:

6” Skinner
7” Butcher
6” Boning
Honing Steel

This set is from Mad Cow Cutlery appears to be a basic bones set in comparison to other items on the list. However, I’m guessing they were going to make space for the economy here.

The three knives include in the set are designed to serve a variety of purposes when dressing your game. The description of the product makes a bit of a fuss about the “blade guards” that the set includes, but everything I’ve read suggests that these guards are essentially ineffective. The knives are extremely useful, however. This is an excellent way to get your butchering set up, or to keep it simple. Also, the carrying case is a great feature for those who love dressing up in the field.

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Set Includes:

8” Butcher Knife
4.25” Boning Knife
4” Skinning Knife
Honing Rod
420HC Steel
Ships With A Portable Hard Case

The set is in fact somewhat of a risk and isn’t the least expensive option here. It’s true that you cannot think of getting an excellent butcher set for under $20 , without any issues However, let me tell you about.

High desert claims that this steel is the 420HC grade of steel. They’re probably right, however their method of heating isn’t always the most reliable. It’s likely that you’ll need to sharpen the knives once the set arrives and again every time you make use of it. The design isn’t great however, the most important truth is that these knives perform. It’s still possible to accomplish the task, and when you’re on a budget and are aware of how to handle your knives with care it’s all you require. It’s also helped quite little by the portable case that makes it an ideal field kit at a fair cost.


Set Includes:

6” Boning Knife (Flexible)
6” Trimming Knife
10”Steak Knife
No Storage Case

Let’s get started with a light. This set of 3 pieces is ideal to use for smaller game like rabbits or fowl. Or, you could use it to complement the butcher set you own. The point is that Dexter and Russell produces really good products. It’s not the top of top of the line however they’re certainly adequate for many professionals. I particularly like these for butchering, due to the textured handle material which will make them easier to hold as things become more messy. Since it’s a type of rubbery synthetic material, it’s not as absorbent and more easy to clean.

Although, the majority of their knives are made for professional use for use in the kitchen and not that of a meat locker. However, they do offer a wide selection of knives. They are a great starting point to build an entire butchering set, or to replace knives that are costly or too worn to continue using.

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In case are unfamiliar with butchering it, then all the different types of knives may appear a bit excessive. I’ve met people who complete the majority of the process using the boning knife and slicer, or even the butcher knife or breaker. But many of these different knives are designed to make every step of butchering a lot easier to complete, which is a big difference if you’ll be cutting a lot. If you have the appropriate tools for the job, you’re more likely of getting top cuts after you’re done, and wasting less meat throughout the process.


They are designed for large chops. You’ll need a massive, sturdy blade made from tough steel, and most importantly, an convex grind to lessen the possibility of chipping. The cleaver is used to cut large chunks of meat, often containing bone, with a quick move.


A long-length blade with a large belly and, more often, an a-clip point. It’s one of the first types of knives designed to cut your meat. If you’re beginning with a whole carcass this is among those knives that you’ll look for.


You’ll find this variant of the butcher’s knife in many butcher sets nowadays. Cimeter knives are curving to make it easier to slice. People who master the art of cutting down like this design. They are ideal to cut pieces into steaks, and for cutting off fat.


It’s an additional type of butcher knife. It is used to cut large pieces of beef into pieces that are smaller. as an example this is what you could use to for cutting out the pork loin or tri tip.


This can be used for many different purposes but its main function is to cut bones from animals. There are various kinds of boning knives, based on their flexibility. They can range from semi-flexible, flexible, to rigid. If you’re butchering something that’s smaller and delicate, you’ll need the flexibility of a boning knife especially for meats, you’ll require a stronger blade.


This is the bizarre long knife that appears as if it’s a loaf knife, but with a rounded edge. It’s extremely thin and extremely sharp and will have an edge that is granton. This is to slice tiny pieces of cooked food. This is basically the lunch-time meatmaker.


There are many uses, but most of the time it’s used for cutting apart parts at extremely thick joints, such as those at the shoulder or hip. Don’t use a normal hacksaw or woodsaw for this type of thing. Butcher saws are crafted with a particular form of teeth that are specifically designed to cut bone to avoid getting blocked by sinew and fat. They also cut meat with more even cuts, which can be important when you begin cooking.


Some form of phobia regarding including an effective saw in a set of butcher knives as for the life of me, I haven’t been able to find one. There are many fantastic butcher knife sets available however, if they don’t come with an ax (and most do not) is usually the weakest link in the set. This is why I’m not buying it.

If you require an axe in the butchery, invest in one similar to that of the Weston Butcher Saw. It’s a reasonable price and sturdy. If you want to reduce space, opt to the Bahco saw. Certain butchers and chefs do not even employ saws but we’re serving an even bigger purpose for this blog and let’s get started with the task at hand.

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