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Coolina knives may be the right choice if you’re looking for a Serbian chef’s knife. Coolina knives has been gaining popularity, especially via e-commerce.

Coolina products are well-known for their popularity. Coolina is a relatively new brand in the knife market.

Are the Coolina knives really worth it?

This article will discuss the Coolina offerings and their many features. Let’s first take a look at the Company.

Coolina Company Background

Coolina Company, an e-commerce company that sells kitchen products, was established in 2017. The registered office of the Company is located in Yerevan (Armenia). However, this is not the place where the knives are manufactured.

Are Coolina Knives manufactured in China?

Coolina knives, hand-forged in China, are imported to the US. A strategy to reduce costs could be choosing a different manufacturing site. However, this is a speculation. Coolina claims that the products’ designs are European-inspired and will fit the Western market.

The Products are arranged.

Coolina has distinct blades that can be used for specific tasks. These five products are the Promaja and the Lixy as well as the Altomino and Daozi.

We will be looking at the reviews of knives to get a better understanding of their features.

Promaja Knife Review

Coolina’s Promaja knife is one of their most loved products. This knife is a favorite in the Serbian Chef’s knife category.

According to the website, the Promaja was named the best chef knife of 2018. The website claims that the Promaja was named the best chef knife in 2018. However, it is not possible to verify this claim as the awarder has been left out.

The Promaja multi-purpose knife is sturdy and well-built. The Promaja’s attractive appearance will grab your attention immediately.

The Promaja knife is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to cut and chop, as well as to slice. It also has a double-bevel edge which can replace other kitchen cleavers and slicers.

Blade material

This 6.6-inch blade is made from durable Serbian high-carbon steel. This steel is extremely strong and can be used to cut through frozen and bone meat. Precision cuts can also be made with the extra-sharp edge.

Coolina knives does not disclose the details of the steel that was used to “handmake” this knife. We are unable to determine if the steel used has good edge retention, toughness and corrosion resistance.

Online reviews of mixed promaja knives are plentiful, with many claiming that the steel has poor edge retention.

Blade Design

Promaja retains the simple shape of other Serbian knives. Promaja has a straight spine that curves towards the middle of its blade. To meet the straight cutting edge, the curve slopes downwards.

Except for the edges which are clear silver, the entire blade is coated in black. Coolina’s logo is engraved on the blade’s top, giving it a sophisticated look.


Promaja knives have a 4.9 inch wooden handle, which is suitable for both small and large hands. You will also find the ergonomic grip you need for cutting tough foods with the Promaja knife.

It is important to remember that wooden handles require extra care, unlike HTML10 or Micarta Handles.

Promaja is a full-tang knife with three rivets to fix the tang to its handle. The handle will not break while you are using the blade.


Promaja knives have double beveled edges. You will need to sharpen both the sides. To maintain sharp edges, the blade is hand-sharpened with a whetstone at 30 degrees.


  • The Promaja can be used in many ways
  • For a long time, the edges remain sharp.
  • This knife is stylish and elegant.
  • The blade is strong.
  • It features a wooden ergonomic handle.


  • If the blade is not oiled, it can rust.

Lixy Knife Review

You will see reviews that describe Lixy as a beast. This is due to Lixy’s thick build and high work efficiency.

The cleaver, a knife that is specially designed for cutting meat, can be used to do so. Although the blade is not recommended for use on hard objects, reviews indicate that Lixy can cut through bones easily.

The description indicates that the knife can be used in the kitchen, but also on camping sites.

Blade material

High manganese steel is used to make this sturdy knife. Because of its strength, the metal is known as the best working steel. High manganese steel can also be abrasion resistant.

The blade measures 8.3 inches and has a rustic black finish that fades to silver at the edges. Because they are hand-forged, you may see some black spots. These black spots give the knife a gritty, authentic appearance.

The knife weighs in at 2.77 pounds. The knife’s weight is perfect for its job, as the extra weight increases the force needed to cut through bone.

Although the Coolina Lixy knife isn’t the most sharp, it can still do its job exceptionally well.

Blade design

The Lixy is a perfectly designed chopper. The spine curves downwards from its middle, and is flat at the handle. The blade’s bottom slopes upwards to meet the top, creating a sharp point.

This point is great for cutting through fat or creating pockets while cutting meat. You can rock the meat by using the curved edges.


The ergonomic handle measures 5.9 inches and is made from rosewood. The handle curve gives you a firm grip and reduces strain.

Lixy’s full tang holds the handle in place and ensures that the wood doesn’t break.


Professional handling is not required because the knife has a double beveled edge. The sharp edges of the knife’s 30 degree angled bevels are sharp enough for their intended purposes.


Spread vegetable oil on the blade to prevent rusting before storage. To maintain sharp edges, sharpen the knife at a 30 degree angle using a whetstone.


  • Perfect for meat chopping
  • A wooden handle with a curvy shape and a firm grip
  • The blade is not chipped.
  • This knife is very durable.


  • To prevent rusting, the knife requires extra care.
  • The blade will not fit in the regular sharpener.

The Altomino Knife Reviews

Although the Altomino has been described as the butcher’s knife, it can also perform multiple tasks. This approved restaurant knife is a great addition to any busy kitchen.

Blade material

This blade measures 7.3 inches and is made from manganese-steel, which will ensure durability. The blade is extremely thin and balanced. It can be used for precise and clean cuts.

The 0.77 lb knife makes it easy to use and is well balanced. This reduces the strain on your hands.

Blade design

Altomino’s blade is a combination of a rustic look and silver shiny. It has a bold style. The spine curves towards the ends of the blade and has a flat spine. This curve allows you to hold the knife steady while cutting.


Altomino’s handle is made of brown wood and has an authentic feel. The handle is firm and comfortable to hold.

The Altomino, like other Coolina knives has a full-tang. This increases the overall blade’s balance. The wooden handles are held in place by two rivets.


The Altomino has a 13-15 degree cutting angle that produces thin, sharp edges. This knife is sharper than Promaja and Lixy blades.

You can use the razor-sharp knife to perform many tasks such as chopping and slicing.


For double-beveled knives, the ancient whetstone technique is preferred. For uniform edges, sharpen the blade at a 15 degree angle.

Coolina knives recommend oiling the blades once in a while to prevent rust.


  • The knife is razor sharp.
  • Altomino’s ergonomic grip is very comfortable.
  • The blade’s curved edge is ideal for rocking motions.
  • Altomino can be used for multiple purposes
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use


  • Extra care is required to prevent the blade from rusting.

Daozi Knife Review

The sharp Daozi knife is multifunctional, just like the Altomino. The Daozi can be used to cut fragile vegetables, chop frozen meat, and peel wild fruits.

Blade material

Professional blacksmiths used high carbon steel to forge the blade. It measures 8.2 inches. The blade is strong and durable with a stylish look.

Blade design

Coolina Daozi knives have a straight spine with a curve towards the end. The knife has a black rustic finish, and the blade is silver. This adds to its authentic appearance.

The knife’s slight curve gives it the rocking motion it needs when chopping. It is balanced well and reduces strain on your fingers as you use it.


The handle of the Daozi knife is made from micarta and pakka. Acacia, G10 and walnut. The handle is smooth and protects your hands while you cook. Daozi’s handle has a full-tang to hold it in place.

To prevent any breakage, three rivets attach the wooden handle to its tang.


The Daozi knife’s carbon steel blade is susceptible to rust. After using the knife, you will need to wipe it clean. Olive oil can be used to protect the knife’s blades from rust.


  • Daozi knife is very durable.
  • The knife is balanced.
  • Daozi can be used for multiple purposes
  • The blade is razor sharp


  • Carbon steel is very easy to dull.

The Suratu Knife Review

Another multi-tasking cleaver, the Suratu, is also available. The handmade Suratu, like other brands products, also has the Coolina rustic appearance.

Blade material

The blade measures 5.6 inches and is made of a combination of high carbon materials and cladsteel. The blade is made from a combination of high carbon material and clad steel mixture. It is extremely durable and strong.

Blade design

Suratu’s unique design features semi-oval indents near the spine at the top. The blade’s top has a black appearance that fades to shiny edges. Suratu’s edges are very sharp and can cut through food quickly.


Suratu features a 4.5-inch wooden handle that has the Coolina logo embedded on the top. The knife features a full-tang design and cooper nails to hold it in place.

Should I buy Coolina Knives

Coolina adds variety to the knife market. Coolina makes it easy to find the right knife for you, whether it’s a multipurpose knife and a specialized one. Coolina has also gained market acceptance.

Are the Coolina knives really worth it?

Let’s talk about the features of Coolina products with a focus on the good and bad.


Coolina knives were designed for specific tasks. The blades can perform many tasks when used properly.

The Lixy is the only knife that can perform its specific tasks. It is too heavy to use for everyday tasks, and the cutting angles are only for meat chopping.

Other knives can perform different tasks with ease. For example, the Altomino is a knife that can be used to butcher meats, but it can also be used for cutting vegetables and other foods.

Coolina allows you to buy one professional knife that can be used for different tasks. Coolina knives can also be double-beveled. The knife can be used by anyone, left-handed or right-handed.

Materials and Construction

Coolina knives made from high-carbon steel are stronger than stainless steel and last longer. Your knife will not bend or break, so you can be sure it will last.

High carbon material is known for its edge retention. However, the most significant criticism is that coolina knives don’t state what type of high-carbon steel was used to make them. We can’t be sure about their quality.

People complain about poor edge retention, which is common with low-quality steel. Carbon steel is susceptible to rust.

After each use, clean the knife to keep it in tip top shape. You can also use vegetable and olive oils to maintain the knife’s edges.

Coolina knives feature wooden handles with full-tang. You can be sure that the handles will not break easily because of the tang. The handles are comfortable to hold and have a smooth finish.

Wooden handles are comfortable, but you need to take care when cleaning your knife. The wood’s surface can be damaged if you scrub the handle too hard. It is possible that food debris may be present at the joints.

Coolina knives can be hand-forged. This means that each knife is unique. If you want uniformity, you may not be able get the exact look from all the blades.

Coolina knives are made with high quality materials. The majority of reviews are positive. However, there are some negative comments.

Coolina knives have been criticized for having blunt edges and loose handles. These mishaps can be fixed, but they shouldn’t be something you have to worry about when buying a new knife.


The intended purpose determines the sharpness of the Coolina knives. For example, the Lixy has a 30-degree cutting angle, which is great for chopping meat. Altomino angles range from 13 to 15 degrees. This gives the edges the sharpness that you want in a multipurpose knife.

Carbon steel can keep sharpened edges longer. Coolina knives are sharper than ever.

Maintenance and care

Coolina knives can rust, as we have already discussed. If you want your knife to last, it is important that you clean the knife immediately after using it.

It is important to ensure that the blade does not end up in the sink. Instead, wash it immediately and put it back in the original packing. Keep knives out of reach of children.

Avoid putting the knives in the dishwasher. This could cause chipping and increase the chance of rust.

Coolina knives Pros

Coolina knives are distinguished by their unique designs. Coolina looks are synonymous with quality and efficiency. They have a rustic look that is unique to most knives.

A full tang improves the efficiency and balance of your knife. The full tangs also ensure that there are no breakage issues between handle and blade.

Coolina knives Cons

High carbon steel is only as good as the maintenance you can do to it. Coolina knives are not for you if you don’t like high-maintenance cutlery.

Coolina knives are not able to keep their edges sharp for long periods of time, so they will need to be regularly sharpened. To keep your edges uniform, you need to be familiar with whetstone sharpening.

Final thought

Coolina knives offer a new way to experience the kitchen. Because of their toughness, the knives are versatile and can be used in any kitchen. Double-beveled knives can be used in a simple and user-friendly way.

Coolina has great features and a very attractive appearance.

You must consider whether you want a more high-maintenance knife. If you prefer the rustic look to high-performance, a Coolina kitchen knife is a great addition to your kitchen.

Coolina, which has been around for less than ten year, is still relatively new on the market. We will wait to see if the brand holds up over time.

I prefer knives that are more functional than aesthetic. Instead of , I would choose a stainless knife that has excellent edge retention such as these knives by Wushtoff.

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