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What is N695 Steel?

Bohler N695 Steel is chromium steel that is produced by Bohler. It is an upgrade of steel 440C with high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and outstanding resistance to corrosion.

Due to its properties, N695 is widely used in the knife-making industry to create high-quality knife blades to be used in survival, camping hunter, and hiking knives. N695 is also used for other fields to produce surgeon’s equipment, screws, valve seats, nuts, cold-forming and chisels.

Apart from its qualities that make it a great material for knife makers, knife makers are drawn to N695 steel due to the fact that it is inexpensive and simple to use. This results in lower manufacturing costs and, consequently the end users get top-quality knives for a reasonable price.

N695 Steel Composition

Carbon C 1.05 percent: Improves edge retention, hardness and the strength of tensile. It also increases steel’s durability to wear and abrasion and corrosion.

Chromium Cr 16.70 percent: The formation of carbides made from Chromium. It increases the hardness of blades as well as tensile strength and the resistance to corrosion.

Molybdenum Mo 0.50 percent is a material that improves the machinability and hardness.

Manganese Mn 0.40 percent: enhances the hardness and strength of steel. If the steel is treated with heat and hardening is improved, it is due to an increase in manganese.

Silicon Si 0.40 percent: Increases the strength and resistance to heat.

N695 Steel Chart in comparison to other Bohler Steel Compositions

N695 Steel properties

N695 Steel Hardness

When treated with standard heating N695 steel can be found with the hardness of 59 to 62 HRC. The level of hardness varies based on the type of heat treatment employed. The hardness is not as high as the hardness of other premium steels, but it’s enough to offer this steel outstanding edge retention and wear resistance capabilities.

N695 Steel Wear resistance

The high hardness of this steel is because of the high proportions of carbon as well as chromium that are in its composition. Because of its high toughness of the steel, it has excellent wear resistance. Knives made of this steel are able to withstand everyday wear and tear and last you for a long duration.

N695 Steel Edge retention

Another benefit you’ll appreciate when you use knife blades made of the steel mentioned above is that they will keep their the sharpness for an extended period of time. This is due to the extremely hardness as well as the carbon content within the composition.

N695 is used to create knives that can be used outdoors in the wild since users don’t have time to sharpen their knives after each use.

N695 Steel Corrosion Resistance

N695 is a chrome stainless steel which makes it excellent in the resistance to corrosion. The blades made of this steel are not affected by rust or staining when placed in humid or humid environments. This is why N695 is an excellent choice for outdoor and fishing knives.

To increase the resistance to corrosion To increase the resistance to corrosion, don’t leave knifes N695 immersed in water over prolonged time. Make sure you take maintenance and care that includes drying and cleaning the knives following use.

N695 Steel Toughness

In general the rule of thumb is that hard steels aren’t hard, as is what we expect from N695. However, this principle is not the case for this steel as it is able to withstand a lot of abuse. N695 knives are ideal for outdoor use, which means that they won’t chip or break easily in difficult applications. The large amounts of molybdenum in its composition is responsible for the high strength.

N695 Steel Sharpness

One of the biggest drawbacks with N695 stainless steel is it’s difficult to sharpen due to the fact that it is a hard steel. If you’re a novice in sharpening knives, gaining edged with blades made of N695 steel isn’t an easy task.

With the latest sharpening equipment to achieve a sharp edge, it requires more time and effort. However, on the plus side however, the blades remain longer sharp, which means you don’t have to go through the difficult sharpening process each time you use.

N695 equivalent steel vs other steels

N695 vs 8Cr13MoV

8Cr13MoV stainless Steel can be described as a low-cost Chinese produced steel, while N695 is made through Bohler located in Austria. Bohler N695 is a blend of C and Ch than 8Cr13MoV and therefore, it has better hardness and the ability to retain edges, resistance against corrosion as well as wear resistance. With a lower degree of toughness, 8Cr13MoV can be easier to sharpen and provides more durability.

N695 vs 440C

N695 and 440C are similar steels. N695 enhances the Grade 440C alloy, and provides slightly more durability and resistance to wear. However N695 is a more superior alternative to 440C and has slightly higher durability, wear resistance and retention of edges. They have the same amount of corrosion resistance.

N695 vs S30V

N695 is manufactured through Bohler N695 is produced by Bohler S30v is created via the crucible. S30V steel is superior to the N695 steel that is mid-range. S30V because of its manufacturing process that uses powdermetallurgy gives an improved grained structure as a result of its alloy. This results in greater edge retention along with corrosion resistance, durability and resistance to wear. S30V is a popular choice and can be used in a majority of knives.

N695 vs N690

Bohler The N695 as well as the 690 may be considered to be mid-range steels. They provide similar performance however, N690 is superior in edge retention than the N695, N690 offers greater durability against wear. In terms of strength N695 is superior to N690 because of its low hardness. Both have similar corrosion resistance, and the prices are generally the same.

Bohler N695 vs Sandvik 14C28N

Bohler N695 as well as 14C28N steel are among my favorite products on the market, offering good value for price. It has been my experience that 14C28N stainless martensitic chrome steel much better performance than N695.

14C28N provides greater edge retention, toughness and corrosion resistance. The enhanced performance of 14C28N comes from the inclusion of Nitrogen in the alloy, which enhances its grain shape.

Bohler N695 vs M390

The two steels N695 as well as M390 were manufactured by Bohler. Both are excellent blade steels, but M390’s performance is far superior over N695 and superior in every aspect. It is regarded as to be among the top blade steels currently. M390 has superior edge retention and wear resistance. It has more than five times the strength of N695, and double the resistance to corrosion for N695 steel. It’s pricey and is typically found in high-end knives.

Bohler N695 vs D2 Steel

N695 steel is superior to D2 steel for corrosion resistance because Bohler N695 steel is stainless steel whereas D2 isn’t able as stainless steel. The D2 steel type is tool steel, and therefore has superior wear resistance over N695. Sharpening N695 is more straightforward than sharpening D2 steel. Both can be considered cheap steels and their prices is almost identical. 

They have the same performance and your choice of D2 or N695 blade blades should be determined by the specific requirements for your application. N695 steel is the most suitable for environments with corrosive elements.

Is N695 steel good knife steel?

N695 is a good knife steel because it has good edges, corrosion-resistant with decent strength. It’s also inexpensive and simple to work with, which means it can produce top-quality knives for a reasonable price.

The major drawback is that it’s difficult to sharpen when compared with other cheaper options such as 440C. It is found in many Boker Solingen Fixed blades, camping knives as well as survival knives.

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