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What is Vanax Steel?

Vanax Superclean is stainless steel manufactured through Bohler Uddeholm in the process of powder metallurgy. process. Over time, Vanax has been made in three forms: Vanax 35, Vanax 75 and, most recently, Vanax SuperClean. But, Uddeholm discontinued the production of 35 and 75 in order to make Vanax Superclean. Vanax Superclean is sometimes known as Vanax.

Vanax SuperClean is tougher and is more durable over the obsolete versions. It is also among the top knives made of steel. It’s Nitrogen steel, which means that it is a lot higher levels of Nitrogen that Carbon and the final product is strong and durable.

Vanax Steel Composition

  • Carbon C 0.36 percent: Enhances strength, edge retention, and the tensile strength. It also improves the resistance of steel in the face of wear, friction and corrosion.
  • Chromium Cr 18.20 percent: Formation of Chromium carbides that increase the strength, hardness and durability that the blade.
  • Nitrogen N 1.55 percent: Improves resistance to corrosion and hardness, as well as the hardness
  • Molybdenum Mo 1.10 percent is a material that improves the machinability and toughness.
  • Vanadium V 3.50%: Improve the toughness and durability of wear and also enhances the resistance to corrosion. The high vanadium content allows the creation from Vanadium Carbides.
  • Silicon Si 0.30%: Improves grain structure and durability, however, as Manganese it can cause the brittleness.

Properties of Vanax Steel

Vanax Superclean Hardness

Vanax Superclean has a hardness of 60-62 HRC according to the Rockwell scale of hardness. This hardness is linked to Nitrogen in its composition and it creates knife blades that have excellent edges and wear-resistant.

Vanax Superclean Edge retention

Edge retention in steel is associated with its hardness. So, steel with a the highest hardness such as Vanax has outstanding edge retention. This means that after you sharpen the blades they remain for a long period of time without dulling.

If you’re looking for knives you can use in circumstances that do not permit frequent sharpening, the various Vanax knives will please you.

Vanax Wear resistance

Another area of expertise for hard steel is wear resistance. With a high resistance to wear blades, they do not get worn out as quickly which means that the knife will last longer. When properly maintained and used, Vanax knives can be employed over the course of generations. Careful use means that you don’t expose them to more than they can handle.

The superior wear resistance of Vanax superclean is accomplished through substituting Carbon with Nitrogen which provides it with an excellent combination of stainless and high wear resistance.

Vanax Superclean Resistance to corrosion

The resistance to corrosion is a crucial factor for many knife owners. So do you think Vanax durable to corrosion? Yes, it’s impervious to corrosion. It is composed of 18% chromium as its composition, far exceeding steel stainless steel requirement.

Furthermore, it is a nitrogen-based steel. Steels that are based on nitrogen, such as Vanax LC200N as well as Nitro-V as well as CTS BD1N are known for their superior corrosion resistance over other Carbon chrome stainless steels.

Additionally, it is an alloy of powder and metallurgy, which means it has the resistance to corrosion of powder metallurgy, as well as the characteristics that stainless steel has. Combining these characteristics make Vanax extremely resistant to corrosion characteristics.

If you’re looking for knives to use in environments that are extremely corrosive be sure to look no further since Vanax knives will not let you down.

Vanax Toughness

Steel is either strength or toughness. So, for steel that has high wear resistance and hardness such as Vanax we would expect it to be weak in terms of toughness. However, this isn’t the situation with Vanax.

While it doesn’t have the highest level of toughness but it’s tough enough to withstand the force and impact without chipping or breaking. To give you a sense of the situation, Vanax offers better chipping and cracking resistance than the AISI steel 440C however it is lower than AISI 420 steel.

Easy to sharpen Vanax

Another characteristic of steel that is affected by strength is how easy it is to sharpen. As a very hard is that sharpening Vanax is not easy. It takes lots of time and effort to achieve an edge that is razor sharp.

The process will be more difficult for you if you’re trying to learn how to sharpen. But, the good thing is that the blades will remain sharp for a longer period and therefore, you don’t have endure the difficult daily process of sharpening.

Machinability of Vanax Superclean

Vanax provides good machinability which means it is simple to use. This machinability is easy to work with and works for the benefit of knife makers as well as the user.

Vanax steel is different from. other steels

Vanax vs M390

Vanax has a higher hardness over M390 and has more edges retention and wear resistance and resistance to corrosion. In particular, when it comes to durability to corrosion Vanax Superclean beats M390 because of the high concentration of chromium and the higher level of Nitrogen in the alloy composition.

However M390 is stronger and slightly more easy to sharpen. In all aspects, though, Vanax Superclean is better than M390 steel.

In the event that Vanax is superior to M390 for edge retention, it is important to take note that M390 is not a weakling and provides the top edge retention options in steel. Vanax is also expensive when compared to M390 and that could be the sole reason to select M390 instead of Vanax.

Vanax vs Elmax

Vanax Superclean and Elmax are both manufactured by the Uddeholm works. Both provide excellent performance in regards to edge retention, wear resistance and resistance to corrosion.

Vanax Superclean improves the performance to Elmax with the help of including Nitrogen along with Vanadium to its metal alloy. It provides a much improved corrosion resistance over Elmax. In addition, Vanadium enhances the capacity to hold edge edges of Vanax steel.

Vanax Superclean vs LC200N / Z Finit

Vanax, and LC200N/Z finit are Nitrogen base steelbut made through different firms. Uddeholm Vanax Superclean Steel has outstanding edge retention, and is more durable than Spyderco LC200N Finit / Z in its edge retention and resistance to corrosion because of its higher alloy composition.

Vanax Super clean beats LC200N steel because of the addition of three times the nitrogen content and around 3.5 percent Vanadium content similar to the S35VN steel. The addition of Vanadium enhances the edge hardness and retention thanks to the formation of vanadium carbides carbonitrides and nitrides.

In terms of durability, they provide similar results. However, Vanax performs slightly better because of the hard carbides in the alloy. It is a Vanax SuperClean is , in addition, a modern steel on its market when compared to LC200N which is why it’s more costly.

Is Vanax good knife steel?

Vanax is an impressive stainless steel that is ideal for knives. It has excellent resistance to corrosion and keeps its edge for a long duration due to the alloy’s Nitrogen and Vanadium elements. It is also simple for you to handle and provides excellent toughness.

The only drawback to this particular steel is how expensive it is. Vanax knife can be; the premium-grade steels like M390 can be purchased for less that Vanax Superclean.

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