Huusk Knife Review (Are Huusk knives any good?)

Is the huusk knives legal? There are many opinions on this topic. One thing is certain: the huusk has managed a lot of controversy.

This review was done to get to know the brand better and provide an objective and independent opinion. This review incorporates the experiences of verified buyers.

Misrepresented Company Background

The huusk claims to be a Japanese brand. If you pay attention, however, you’ll notice that the website skirts around the origin of the company.

First, let’s take a look at HUUSK. It would be expected to find something similar to HUUSK made in Japan. It would be expected to see a Japanese address in product details. Huusk is not mentioned in any of these.

According to the website, the huusk was “inspired by centuries old Japanese knife-making traditions.” However, there is no indication that the knife was made by Japanese blacksmiths. Experts can inspire anyone. The statement doesn’t mean much. Another clever choice of words is misleading and misrepresenting.

Are Huusk knives manufactured in China?

We can only conclude that the Huusk knife was made in China. To lure buyers into purchasing the knife, the Japanese origin is misrepresented.

Are Huusk knives made in Japan?

Huusk knives cannot be made in China. Huusk knives use the Japanese word “Japan knife” to trick buyers into believing it was made in Japan. You can find the Chinese address by following the shipment trail.

The huusk is actually a Lithuanian Company. The huusk could have been made in Japan and shipped to China to be warehoused. It would then be sold to the United States at 50% off. This idea is beyond logic.

We can only conclude that the Huusk knife was made in China. To lure buyers into purchasing the knife, the Japanese origin is misrepresented.


The Huusk knife is a gorgeous knife. The contrast between the black blade and shiny edges is striking. The black blade’s top has attractive black indents.

What is the size of a Huusk knife

Huusk knives have a 6-inch blade and a thickness of 5cm at the handle. This knife is very sturdy. The blade and handle are combined 11 inches long.

The knife’s sloping curve is also 38 degrees. The 252g Huusk knife is well balanced and can be used for everyday kitchen tasks.

Although the Huusk knife website doesn’t provide information about the angle at which the knife was sharpened, users have reported instances where the angles did not match each knife. This is what it appears at first glance. That’s all.

Are Huusk knives forged?

Huusk knives can be seen from a closer look that the top of the knife is not forged but rather painted black. You will see that paint scraps are visible if you scratch the blade with a sharp object. Another misrepresentation.

Let’s now look at the material used to make the blade. Look at Japanese knives’ descriptions. They don’t just list the steel used. They go further to describe the material’s origin and core hardness.

Only the huusk website mentions that the blade material used is high-quality stainless steel. There is no other description of the material.

The packaging box will contain a mention of the actual steel used. According to the packaging details, the Huusk blade is 18/10 stainless steel. Google will show you that this steel is used in the manufacture of cookware.

The hardness of 18/10 stainless steel is not sufficient to maintain sharp edges for long periods. The steel’s carbon content is 0.1 percent, which is much lower than the 0.5% recommended for hardened knives. The Huusk blade does not fit in the Viking meat cleaver categories as advertised by Amazon.


The oak wood handle of the huusk is very ergonomic. They are curved to fit your hands perfectly. The handle also has a finger hole to help keep it in place.

Until you read the reviews, you will believe that the handle was well-thought out. Many buyers have complained that the handle does not look as good in the photo and is easily broken.

What is the price of a Huusk knife.

The website sells the huusk knife for 99.83 USD, exclusive of shipping. The ever-present, ridiculously high discount is a concern. The knife’s price drops to $99.83 to $29.95 after applying the discount.

Discounts can eat into profits, as we all know. To be practical, a company cannot sustain a 70% discount for a prolonged period. The actual price might have been $29.95 and not $99.83. The purported value could have been a means to sell the product quickly to customers who are eager for the deal.

Here’s a surprise. Did you know the huusk also has a twin on the market?

Guanqi knives are available on They have the exact same features as the huusk. Guanqi is only 12 dollars and almost half the price of the Huusk. Both knives were tested by verified buyers and they did not differ in any way. Except for the HUUSK Japan logo.

It is also interesting to note that Guanqi knives clearly state that they were made in China. In the product description, the blade is recommended for daily use.

In all aspects, the huusk knife and Guanqi knife stand side-by-side. Many questions remain about the assumption that the huusk and Guanqi knives are premium knives.

Are huusk knifes any good ?

To answer this question, we would need to think about what you want in a knife. The huusk is a good choice if you are looking for a multipurpose, regular blade.

It’s amazing, actually. The exact same knife is available in a Guanqi for a third of its price. Why should you pay more for the exact knife in a Guanqi? The huusk is available for purchase at 29 dollars. This includes regular tasks.

Wait a minute. The Huusk knife is marketed as a premium chef’s knife. To answer your question, Huusk knives do not perform as well as premium chef knives. The Huusk knife cannot withstand heavy kitchen work. It needs to be sharpened regularly. Who wants to be in a hurry and not have a sharpener on hand?

A 1810 stainless steel is not a premium metal. Also, you need to consider the purported lies about the origin country. This misrepresentation ruins any credentials one has left.

Can you sharpen Huusk knife?

A Huusk knife can be sharpened with any standard sharpening tool, but a whetstone is the best choice. The 1810 stainless steel used in Huusk knives is not good knife material so you will need to sharpen it frequently.

Huusk knives legit alternatives.

Do you still want to buy a chef knife?

Any one of these blades would make a great choice. You might have to adjust the price depending on which knife you choose.

Before we get to the knives, let us first look at the characteristics of a multifunctional knife.

  1. The blade

The blade material should be strong and durable. You should look for high-carbon steel with a minimum carbon content of 0.5 percent.

It is also important to inspect the blade’s design. Is the blade designed to allow you to use it for different tasks? The chef’s knife should be capable of handling most of the tasks you will encounter in a busy kitchen every day. The length is another thing to consider. For the average user, a length of 7 inches would be ideal.

  1. Handle

A comfortable, heat-resistant handle should be included on the knife. Full-tang blades provide a better balance. The tangs ensure that the handle is not easily broken.

  1. Edges

You should check the material’s edge retention and sharpening ease. Also, check whether the knife has a single or double beveled edge. If the knife is single beveled, make sure it’s suitable for you.

Here are our top four choices for legal alternatives to huusk.

Gyuto Knife

The Gyuto is a Japanese Chef knife. The blade is the Japanese version of the western Chef’s knife. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the ultimate Chef’s knife has been available on the market.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Gyuto such a great knife.

Blade material and design

The standard Chef’s design is used on the Gyuto knife. The blade features a straight spine at its top and a slightly curved bottom, which culminates with a sharp tip.

You have the option of choosing between high carbon and stainless steel in Gyuto knives. The Gyuto knife is hand-forged, just like traditional Japanese knives. The lengths of various Gyuto knives range from 7 to 12 inches.

One thing to keep in mind is that high-carbon materials are more durable. To prevent rust, you will need to do some maintenance.


The Gyuto knife can be purchased with either the western or wa-gyuto handles. The ergonomic handles work well with the rest of your blade and are well balanced. Common handle materials are micarta or pakka wood.


Gyuto edges are razor-sharp and last for a very long time without needing to be sharpened. The average edge angle for most brands is 16 degrees. The Gyuto can also be double-beveled, making it very versatile.


A good Gyuto knife will be available at a cost between $70 and $130. The blade’s length is the main reason for the price variation.

The Wusthof Chef’s Knife

The Wusthof Chef’s knife is German-made. It excels in efficiency. This knife’s all-purpose blade is very useful in the preparation of any type of meal. Here is a summary of the knife’s main features.

The blade

The blade measures 8 inches and is made in the traditional Chef’s knife design with a sharp tip. The blade is made from high carbon stainless and hardened to 58° HRC.


Wusthof has an ergonomic handle made of synthetic material that is resistant to fading and made from synthetic material. Three rivets secure the handle to the blade’s tang. This full tang ensures that the Wusthof knife weighs in at 8.5 lbs and is balanced so you don’t feel fatigued while you do your job.


Precision edge technology is used to create the 20 degree inclination edges. This keeps the edges more sharp for longer periods.


The premium Chefs knife will be available at 170 USD on both Amazon and Wusthof.

Yoshihiro is Japanese high-quality that is well worth the mention. This multipurpose knife can be used for cutting, slicing and dicing. It can be used to make both meat- and vegetable dishes.

What makes Yoshihiro so exceptional?


The Yoshihiro knife’s blade is made from three layers of VG -10 Japanese Stainless Steel. This Japanese steel is known for its strength and durability. 60 HRC degrees tampered stainless steel provides exceptional sharpness and edge retention. Yoshihiro blades are ideal for precision cutting and vegetable preparations.


Yoshihiro knives blades are made of high quality mahogany. The ergonomic grip of the handles is non-slip and heat resistant. The knife can be used in both oily and wet conditions without any fear.


The Yoshihiro knife has a double-edged design, which makes it suitable for all users. Both sides of the knife are inclined at an angle 11 degrees. The knife is razor-sharp. Yoshihiro Santoku knives are ideal for any chef, whether they are novice or experienced. It is also easy to use, making it suitable for home users who are not professionals.


The Yoshihiro Santoku blade is a very high-end model with an average cost of $ 150. Its premium features and long-lasting durability are well worth the cost.

The Kyoku Chef Knife

Another excellent option for a Japanese chef’s knife is the Kyoku Knife. The blade can be used for nearly all kitchen tasks, regardless of the cutting method. What makes the Kyoku knife so special?

The blade

The Kyoku is a luxurious Japanese steel with an 8-inch blade. This steel is 58-60 HRC in its cutting core. This hardness level is ideal for multifunctional knives that require sharpening. Cobalt is also present in the steel, which enhances its hardness and makes it easy to sharpen.


The G10 handle of Kyoku knife is heat resistant and has high heat resistance. It is comfortable and smooth in the hands, but it is also non-gripable and resistant to wet. An ergonomic bolster connects the handle and blade, making cutting safer and more enjoyable.


The edges of the Kyoku knife are 13-15 degrees, making them ideal for precise cuts. They are easy to use and have double beveled edges.


The Kyoku knife will be delivered at a cost of 97 dollars (exclusive of shipping).


It’s there. The huusk knives are a fraud. When you purchase one, you will most likely receive a knife. It will not live up to your expectations.

Although the huusk series will satisfy most of your kitchen knife needs, it is not a premium model. The huusk is a lot more expensive than a regular knife when it comes to pricing. There are cheaper options on the market.

The knife’s full disclosure leaves much to be desired. We only scratched the surface of what information was available. Are there other misrepresentations we did not find?

We don’t recommend the huusk as a premium cleaver blade knife. You should look for legit alternatives.

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