Is 4034 steel good for knives? Details 4034 steel review

4034 steel is a lower-end alloy stainless steel made by the Thyssen-Krupp steel manufacturer located in Germany. It is composed of average carbon making it more brittle when compared to premium steel.

It is utilized to create low-cost knives, such as folding, diving or utility knifes. Additionally, 4034 is resistant to corrosion, hence its use in the making of knives for diving and surgical tools.

4034 Chemical Composition of Steel

  • Carbon C 0.50 percent: Improves the retention of edges, hardness and the strength of tensile. It also increases steel resistance against wear and abrasion and corrosion.
  • Chromium Cr 14.50 percent The formation of Chromium carbides. It increases the hardness of blades, tensile strength, as well as corrosion resistance.
  • Manganese Mn 1.00 percent: increases the hardness and strength of steel. If the steel is treated with heat and hardening is improved, it is due to an increase in manganese.

4034 steel properties

4034 Steel Hardness

4034’s hardness is between 54 and 58 HRC in accordance with the Rockwell hardness scale. This is the exact hardness that is offered by other soft steels on the market. The most expensive steels that have high hardness have 60HRC. This tells the softness you can anticipate from 4034.

4034 Steel Toughness

One area of strength for this steel is its durability. If you’ve ever worked with steel previously you’re likely to know that soft steel is a great choice for durability. This is exactly what you will get with 4034.

With an extremely high level of hardness, the blades created from this type of steel will be able to be able to withstand stress and pressure from tough tasks. This is due to the high levels of chromium within the composition.

If you’re looking for a knife that won’t break or chip in difficult applications, take a look at the various options that are available in 4034 knife models.

4034 Steel Resistance to corrosion

4034 is a stainless steel. It has a high amount of chromium which results in excellent properties for resistance to corrosion. Its corrosion resistance properties make it able to withstand the effects of salty and humid water. This is the reason it is an ideal choice for knives for diving and kitchen.

Furthermore taking care of and maintaining the knives properly can boost the resistance to corrosion for this type of steel. Thus, be sure to wash and dry your knives after each use.

Sharpening 4034 Steel

Because it’s mild steel, the process of sharpening it is a breeze. With the right tools and knowledge sharp blades are very easily achievable with this type of steel. If you’re training to improve your sharpening your skills it is the perfect blade to begin with.

4034 steel Wear resistance

Hardness and wear resistance are both important in steel. Our steel is on the soft end, and does not provide the highest wear resistance that is available. 4034 is a steel with very little wear resistance, but it isn’t the worst on this market. It can still be trusted to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

The key to finding the best knife from 4034 is to examine the process of heat treatment employed by the company that makes the. The best 4034 knives are made with care and offer superior wear resistance than the majority of steels on the market.

4034 Steel Edge retention

A further disadvantage to this type of steel would be its lack of edge retention, which is due to its lower hardness. If you decide to buy knives made from this steel, you should be prepared for regular sharpening. But, it doesn’t lose its edge immediately. Additionally, it’s simple to sharpen, which means you don’t need to fight for an edge during the regular sharpening sessions.

4034 Steel Comparison to other steels

4034 steel vs 440C

440C is a better combination of Chromium and Carbon over 4034. It also has more cutting edge, wear resistance and resistance to corrosion. However 4034 is extremely tough and is also easier to sharpen, and also more affordable.

4034 vs AUS 8

AUS is a high-end Japanese steel that provides greater hardness, superior edge retention, resistance to corrosion and wear resistance over its counterpart. It is generally a superior knives steel than 4034.

4034 vs 4116

Both types of steel fall on the low-budget and low-end sides. But, 4116 contains more chrome than 4034.. It also has greater resistance to corrosion as well as toughness and edge retention over 4034.

Does 4034 stainless steel work to use for knives?

Yes! 4034 is fantastic steel to buy a budget and robust knife. It’s not going to perform as well as premium steel, but it doesn’t come with any disadvantages of its own. If you’re on looking for a low-end budget knife that has excellent performance, the option of 4034 can be used for you. 4034 has excellent corrosion resistance and great durability and is much easier to sharpen.

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