Is 5Cr15MoV Steel Good Knife Steel. Details 5Cr15MoV Steel Review

5cr15mov steel is a low-end stainless metal made in China. It is a replica of the German X50CrMoV15.

This steel is ideal for kitchen knives that require light cutting. This steel is highly valued by knifemakers because it is inexpensive to produce and has high levels of Chromium. It is also very resistant to corrosion.

5Cr15MoV knives are affordable. Look out for 5Cr15MoV knives if you’re looking for a low-cost knife.

5Cr15MoV steel Chemical Composition

  • Carbon 0.50%: Enhances edge retention, hardness, and tensile strengths. It increases steel resistance to wear and abrasion as well as corrosion.
  • Chromium Cro 15.00%: Chrome Increases the hardness, tensile and corrosion resistance of a blade.
  • Manganese Mn 0.40%: Increases Hardness.
  • MolybdenumMo 0.6%: Added to increase the steel’s corrosion resistance and hardness.
  • Vanadium V 0.1%: Forms vanadium Carbide which contribute to the strength and toughness of the blade.

Properties of 5Cr15MoV Steel


According to the Rockwell hardness scale 5Cr15MoV hardness ranges from 55 to 57 HRC, which can vary depending on the heat treatment applied by the manufacturer.

It can achieve a maximum of 58 HRC with some heat treatment.

This hardness is classified as moderate hardness. 5Cr15MoV knives are durable and will last for many years.

This steel can become dull quickly so be prepared to sharpen it often.


5Cr15MoV steel is a low-level steel that offers fair toughness. It can be used in tough mid-applications.

This steel is tougher than other types. To get the best out of it, you should use it for more cutting than for cutting.

Edge retention

Hardness is a factor in the steel’s edge retention. The 5Cr15MoV steel’s edge retention is low because of its low hardness.

This steel blades become dull quickly and need to be sharpened frequently. This is due to the low levels of Vanadium and Carbon in the steel’s composition.

Sharpening is easy

5Cr15MoV stainless steel is easy to sharpen, which compensates for its low edge retention. It is easier to sharpen an edge quickly, making frequent sharpening more bearable.

This steel is an excellent starting point if you’re just getting started in knife sharpening. Even without the use of special sharpening tools, you will be able achieve a sharper edge much faster.

You can take a break with sharpening knives that are difficult to sharpen by switching to the 5Cr15MoV soft steels. However, you will need to sharpen them more often.

Corrosion resistance

5Cr15MoV is a shining example of its corrosion resistance and high levels of Chromium in the composition.

This knife is anti-rust and will be a great choice for kitchen knives that are constantly in contact with water.

You will be pleased with the 5Cr15MoV range of knives if you’re looking for an affordable knife that is resistant to corrosion.

5Cr15MoV steel equivalents

5Cr15MoV Vs X50CrMoV15

The chemical composition of both steel types is the same, but 5Cr15MoV Steel is made in China and X50CrMoV15 Metal is German.

It is believed that 5Cr15MoV might be a copy of the X50CrMoV15.

These types of steel are classified as soft steels. They have low hardness, good toughness, can be sharpened easily, and great resistance to corrosion.

5Cr15MoV Vs AUS8

AUS8 steel is another popular steel for knife making, similar to 5Cr15MoV. It does contain more Carbon which makes it harder than 5Cr15MoV and thus better edge retention.

5Cr15MoV can be sharpened more easily than AUS 8. It also has a greater corrosion resistance, as it contains more Chromium.

5Cr15MoV Vs. 3Cr13

5Cr15MoV, 3Cr13 have the same hardness and edge retention. They are also easy to sharpen.

They are also both excellent in corrosion resistance. However, 5Cr15MoV is more efficient than its counterpart.

In terms of machinability, toughness and machinability, however, 3Cr13 is superior to 5Cr15MoV. These types of steel also make knives affordable.

Is 5Cr15MoV Steel Good For Knives?

5Cr15MoV is a steel knife, but can it be used as a knife steel? It is an excellent knife steel because of its corrosion resistance and ease of sharpening.

It has moderate hardness, good toughness, and decent edge retention. There are no good or bad knives out there. Your knife needs will determine which knife steel is best for you.

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