Is BG42 Steel Good Knife Steel? Details BG42 Steel Review

BG42 steel was first manufactured by Latrobe which was later then sold to Carpenter and is now produced in CTS-B75P. It is a martensitic high-speed steel made by double vacuum melting. This process produces high-quality steel that is used for the production of essential components in the aerospace industry as well as high-performance bearings.

In the beginning, BG42 martensitic stainless steel was not widely employed as a knife steel, in the absence of high-end brands as it was considered to be a extremely expensive and super-steel. As mentioned earlier, BG42 is now manufactured as CTS-B75P by Carpenter as a result of it’s Powder Metallurgy procedure.

BG42 Steel Chemical Composition

  • Carbon C 1.15 percent: Improves hardness, edge retention and tensile force. It also increases resistance of steel in the face of wear, friction, and corrosion.
  • Chromium Cr 14.50 percent The formation of Chromium carbide that increases the toughness, hardness, and resistance to corrosion for the blade.
  • Molybdenum Mo 4.00 percent is a material that improves machinability and hardness.
  • Vanadium V 1.20 percent: Improve the toughness and wear resistance, it also enhances the resistance to corrosion.
  • Manganese Manganese 0.50%: Increases the hardness and brittleness.
  • Silicon Si 0.30 percent: Increases the strength and resistance to heat.

BG42 Steel Properties

BG42 Hardness

Steel hardness BG42 is between 61 and 62HRC in the Rockwell scale making it a tough steel. The high hardness of this steel can be attributed to the high amount of carbon that is present in its composition , in addition to Molybdenum, Manganese, and Vanadium. The level of hardness is based on the process of heat treatment employed in the production.

BG42 Toughness

Despite being extremely hard, BG 42 steel offers excellent durability. Due to its strength it is not likely to suffer frustrations with chipping, breaking or cracking.

You may be thinking about how BG42 steel is extremely tough and is different from other hard steels? It’s because of Vanadium, Manganese, and Molybdenum that are in the composition. These ingredients make BG42 Blade steel great balance of toughness and hardness.

BG42 Wear Resistance

Like any other steel that is hard, BG42 steel offers great wear resistance. The mix of chemicals that make up its composition allows it to have enough carbide volume so that it doesn’t break down easily in spite of the use.

Be aware that this steel is a rich source of Vanadium carbides that are tougher than Chromium carbides. This is why it has such a high wear resistance.

BG42 Edge Retention

Another advantage to working with types of hard steel is the fact that they’re excellent in edge retention. And this is especially true of BG42 steel. The large amount of hard carbides that we have discussed earlier helps BG42 steel to keep its edge sharp over time.

If you’re tired of the blade on your knife that is constantly dull, think about the various models of BG42 knives that will last for years. edges.

BG42 Corrosion Resistance

Steel BG42 is stainless steel that has high levels of chromium and thus provides excellent resistance to corrosion.

It doesn’t have the same corrosion resistance as the top steels, however its knives will not get rusty as fast as other stainless steel blades.

Sharpening BG42 Steel

Since it is a hard metal, BG42 steel is not easily sharpened. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to achieve a sharp edge from this type of steel. It is more difficult when you don’t have sharpening abilities and the appropriate tools for sharpening.

The benefit is that you won’t have to sharpen it often because it will remain sharp for a lengthy time.

BG42 Steel Equivalents

BG42 Vs 154CM

BG42 steel can be described as a superior knives steel than 154CM. It is also a better knife steel than 154CM. BG42 as well as 154CM steel are thought as being in the same category. However, BG42 is better in edge retention, and is more durable to wear due to the fact that it is a Vanadium carbide-based material in its compositional formation. However, on the contrary, 154CM Steel is easier to sharpen.

BG42 Vs CPM S30V

BG42 steel outdoes S30V in terms of toughness and ease of sharpening and resistance to corrosion. Both steel types offer the same edge retention characteristics. The difference is that S30V is more resistant to wear than the other.

BG42 Vs ATS 34

The two steels are identical, but differ in their chemical alloy composition. BG42 stainless steel has twice the amount manganese and Vanadium, which are not present as ATS 34 steel. This provides BG-42 greater toughness than ATS-34 steel. In this way, BG42 is superior in edge retention, has more resistance to corrosion and provides greater toughness over ATS 34.

Is BG42 Good Knife Steel?

From the characteristics above it is clear from the above that BG42 steel is a good knife steel due to its excellent toughness, high hardness and excellent edge retention. It also has excellent wear resistance, and fair resistance to corrosion. The makers of knives consider it to be an extremely high-performance metal and utilize it for the production of knives that can be used in demanding applications.

A side note It is important to note that this steel has been discontinued on the market as it is being manufactured under the CTS-B75P brand, however you can still try knives from the past, such as Chris Reeve Sebenza or Buck’s Striders to test its capabilities.

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