Is SK5 steel good Knife steel ? Details Sk5 steel review

Sk5 steel, a Japanese carbon steel low-end and modern, is available. It is an American equivalent of the 1080 steel.

Named after Steel Kuogu (SK), the name means steel tool. The number “5” indicates the level of impurities. Other SK steels are available in the range, including SK4 Steel.

Because it has low levels of chromium, SK5 steel does not have the same characteristics as stainless steel. This makes it less resistant to corrosion.

This steel isn’t stainless steel, so some people skip knives made of it. It has other incredible features such as high hardness and wear resistance.

SK5 steel Chemical composition

  • Carbon 0.90%: This increases the edge retention, hardness, and tensile force. It can also increase wear resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Chrome Cr 0.3%: Chromium – Increases hardness, strength and corrosion resistance in a blade.
  • Manganese Mn 0.50%: Improves Hardness
  • Silicon Sil 0.35%: Increases strength, heat resistance.
  • Nickel Ni 0.25: Increases machinability, hardness.
  • Sulfur S 0.03%: Improves machinability
  • Silicon Sil 0.35%: Increases strength, heat resistance.
  • Phosphorous P 0.033%: Forms hard caride when combined with other elements
  • Copper Cu 0.25: Prevents the blade from oxidizing

Properties for SK5 steel


SK5 hardness is 65HRC according to Rockwell hardness. This makes it very hard steel. Important to remember that the heat treatment used can affect the level of hardness.

This high hardness makes heavy-duty knives ideal for hunting and hiking. You will need to be skilled at sharpening and have sophisticated tools for sharpening heavy blades.

Some brands, however, keep SK5 hardness at 55HRC. This makes it suitable for survival knives or Every Day Carry knife blades that are easy to sharpen.


Hard steels have low toughness as a rule. However, SK5 steel is very different. High hardness doesn’t seem to have an impact on its toughness. SK5 steel is extremely tough and will not crack or chip.

Excellent edge retention

The SK5 steel is a hard type of steel that has a good edge retention. This means you won’t have to sharpen it every now and again, which saves you time.

If you are looking for a knife to open packages, camp or hike, the SK5 knife is a good choice. Sharpening will take you longer than using the knife.

Excellent wear resistance

Wear resistance is another area where this steel shines. Even with frequent usage, SK5 will last many years.

SK5 knives are durable, especially if they have a sturdy handles.

This steel knife will not chip or break when you are doing tough jobs. SK5 knives will last for years, no matter what cutting job you do.

Corrosion resistance

SK5 steel isn’t stainless steel as we have already said. This means that it is susceptible to rusting and corrosion.

The knife is protected from corrosion by the small amount of chromium in it, especially when used outside during rainy seasons or in humid environments.

Manufacturers now add anti-corrosion finishes to SK5 blades to increase their anti-corrosion levels.


SK5 carbon steel, which is hard steel, can be difficult to sharpen. Although it will stay sharper for longer, you’ll need to invest some time and effort to get a razor-sharp edge.

If you don’t have the necessary skills, sharpening this steel can be difficult. To make this process simpler, you might have to invest in sophisticated sharpening instruments.

SK5 steel equivalent

SK5 steel vs. 1095

Both types of steel have the same amount carbon. 1095 Steel has a higher hardness while SK5 Blade is more durable and resists corrosion.

SK5 steel vs. vg10

SK5 steel is more expensive and better than VG10. It is tougher and more durable than SK5 steel. This can be attributed in part to its extra Vanadium. VG10 is more difficult to sharpen because of its hardness.

SK5 versus SK-7

SK5 and SK7 are both part of the same steel family but SK5 is more pure. SK5 has a higher carbon content, which makes it more durable and better at retaining edges. SK7, on the other hand is more durable and easier to sharpen.

Is Sk5 steel good for knives?

Yes, in general. The properties of SK5 steel will vary depending on the brand. SK5 has excellent edge retention, wear resistance and decent toughness without being too difficult to sharpen.

However, the blade’s poor resistance to corrosion is a drawback. This can be fixed by proper care and maintenance. SK5 steel is used in razor blades and utility knives, as well as some chisels, due to its superior edge holding capability and toughness.

Best SK5 Steel Knife

The Cold Steel SRK–C Survival Knife, a fixed blade knife designed for survival, has many great features that make it a top choice. The Cold Steel SRK–C Survival Knife is constructed of durable Sk5 steel and has a full tang construction.

This knife is ideal for self-defense or cutting wood in your camp. The rubber handle protects your fingers.

Anyone looking for a durable and versatile knife that won’t break the bank would be well served by this Cold Steel SRk-C Survival Knife. It needs to be cleaned after each use to prevent rust and staining.

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