Single Bevel vs Double Bevel knives

Before you use a knife, the first thing to take note of is the sharpness of the edges. The more sharp you can see the edge, more effortless you can work with it, which is the reason why the bevel of your knife is important.

The angle or slant which slopes the knife’s edge determines the degree of sharpness it can be. Different knives come with different angles of sharpness based on their purpose.

This article we’ll focus on the two primary types of bevels, which include single bevels as well as double bevel knives. What knife should you opt for and what is the reason behind it? Let’s jump right into the debate.

Single bevel vs Double bevel knives.

The primary distinction between a Single bevel knife and the Double bevel knife lies in the fact the fact that a single-bevel knife’s edge angle can be formed only on one side. A Double bevel knife’s edge angle is created on both sides and is much more popular due to its flexibility.

Single bevel knives

A single bevel blade, also referred to as an chisel’s edge, is equipped with only one sharp angle along its edge. Therefore, single bevel knives are sharpened along one edge making tiny angles. Single beveled knives are the ultimate in the highest quality and accuracy.

This knife is a single-hand blade that can be used in one hand. Most single-beveled knives on the market are made to be used by right-handed people. If you have a left hand, more common, make sure you buy a knife that is appropriate to suit your needs.

Knives with single bevels are designed for specific tasks. They are used for specific tasks. Yanagiba knife for instance is employed for preparing sushi. Blades also require skilled handling abilities. So one-beveled knives tend to be much more well-liked by professional chefs.

Cons and Pros of one bevel


  • One blade bevel blade is razor sharp.
  • It is very easy for you to make the sharpener.
  • The knife is very precise and provides good cuts.


  • Single bevel knives aren’t as adaptable.
  • Blades are not as durable.

What angle should you use to sharpen a single bevel knife?

Sharpening this single angle blade with an angle between 15 and 17 degrees. A whetstone is the best choice for sharpening knives, but you could also use a regular-sided sharpener.

If you’re using a whetstone, make sure you have the stones level prior to beginning. The most important point to keep in mind is that you must sharpen only the bevel edge of your blade.

What is the reason why Japanese knives with a single bevels?

Single bevel knives are one of the Japanese knife used for cultural purposes. In Japan the preference for single-bevel knives comes from the ages of tradition. Bevel-style knives that are single bevels are very popular with Japanese chefs due to their sharpness and precision. The blade can make lengthy and precise cuts for vegetables as well as delicate meats. One of the most sought-after uses of a single bevel knife include slicing or chopping, as well as cutting.

The standard Japanese single-bevel knife has three components. The Shinogiis an elongated section that makes up the blade. The urasuki is the concave portion of the knife. the uraoshi is a super sharp edge.

The most popular tradition Japanese single bevel blades include such as the USuba and the Deba as well as the Yanagiba. The Deba is regarded as the top single bevel knife on the market because of its versatility in its use.

Double Bevel knives

A double-bevel blade slopes on both sides away from the spine, creating the sharp edge. This means that the double bevel knife is sharpened on both sides. Double bevel knives are the most popular blade, particularly used in Western kitchen.

When cutting food using a double bevel knife the knife pushes food pieces away from both sides. The cut portion is pushed away from the blade.

Cuts may get stuck on the edges when cutting stick food items like cheese or fish. The food stuck to the edge can hinder the flow through the blade. The double bevel knife might not provide the precise cuts you would get from a simple bevel knives.

Double bevel knives can make you versatile in their use. Left-handed and right-handed people can utilize the same knife easily. The knives are easy to operate and more accommodating to users who aren’t professional.

The double bevel knife is made of more steel in it’s cutting edge. The blade is stronger because it is able to move across the chopping board and less likely to tip over.

The downside of this option has to do with the fact that it has to be larger as single-beveled knives. Larger angles can’t be as precise, and consequently are less precise.

Double bevel knives can be described as a multi-purpose blade. The toughness is what makes the tool perfect for tough jobs. The knife is able to cut tough meat or peel wild fruits.

The Japanese started making double bevel knives because of their Western consumer demand. The most famous Japanese double-beveled knives include such as the Nakiri as well as the Santoku..

Pros and pros and Bevel


  • The double bevel knife can be multi-purpose.
  • It’s more durable and durable.
  • It’s ambidextrous.
  • It’s more flexible.


  • Not recommended for precise cuts.
  • It’s more difficult to cut.

What angle can you sharpen with a two-bevel knife?

The double bevel knife with an angle of between 20 and 30 degrees on either side. Sharpening at a greater 30 degree angle is more suitable for those who want to make use of the knife for more difficult tasks.

You can make use of a sharpener or whetstone for sharpening the blade. A whetstone is recommended since it provides the identical angles on each side.

Does a single bevel superior to the double-bevel knives?

Single bevel knives is an advantage over the double bevel knife when you’re seeking precision and quality. The blade is ultra slim and sharp and gives sharp results when cutting precision.

As we’ve observed the single beveled knives can be single-hand usage. These knives require excellent hand-handling skills and could not be the best choice for those who are not professional.

Single bevel knives can also be specific to the task at hand. You might need to refrain from making use of the knife to perform difficult tasks. For example, cutting bones could cause the sharp edges to break.

Double bevel knives are your daily normal kitchen knife. The knife doesn’t require expert handling abilities. It is also stronger and is able to handle various tasks.


If you are comparing a single bevel or. an a double bevel blade, your best option is based on the job you are working on and your previous experience in handling knives.

A single-bevel blade is the most popular professional precision knife. The double bevel knife can be a ideal choice for those looking for an additional kitchen knife that is versatile.

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