Spyderco SPY27 Steel Review

What is SPY27 Steel?

SPY27 steel is a metallurgical stainless steel that is owned by Spyderco. After decades of creating blades using steel from other producers, Spyderco decided to create their own. They collaborated closely with the Crucible industries to make this steel a reality in announcing it on the 15th of January 2022.

CPM SPY27, like other steels, combines alloys like Vanadium Niobium, niobium Cobalt nitrogen, and molybdenum. The combination of the alloy, along with Cobalt and CPM’s CPM manufacturing process, makes this steel premium and is designed to create high-quality knives only in the USA only.

Additionally, Spyderco SPY27 knives will feature a unique cobalt-blue handle that is exclusive and distinctive. It is important to note that although Crucible steel was used in the making of SPY27 steel it’s only available to Spyderco.

SPY27 Steel Composition

  • Carbon C 1.25 percent: Improves edge retention, hardness, and tensile force. It also increases steel resistance against wear, scratching, and corrosion.
  • Chromium Cr 14.00 percent A higher than 11 percent Chromium is what creates “stainless” steel. The formation of Chromium carbides improves the hardness as well as tensile strength and durability of the blade.
  • Cobalt Co 1.50%: Increases the strength of the steel, as it raises the martensitic transform temperature of the alloy. It also enhances the resistance to corrosion in steel.
  • Molybdenum Mo 2.00 percent It improves machinability as well as hardness.
  • Vanadium V 2.00%: Improve the toughness and durability of wear and also enhances the resistance to corrosion. The high vanadium content allows for the creation of Vanadium Carbides.
  • Nitrogen Ni 0.10%: Enhances the hardness and resists corrosion.
  • Niobium Nb 1.00%: Enhances the strength of steel.
  • Silicon Si 0.50%: Improves grain structure and durability, but as Manganese, it can cause brittleness.

Steel properties of SPY27

SPY27 Steel Hardness

CPM SPY27 Rockwell Hardness is 62-65HRC depending on the type of heat treatment employed. This hardness level gives this steel the status of premium, with outstanding durability and edge retention. The hardness of this steel is superior to some other steels on the market, such as MAXAMETand ZDP189 steel.

SPY27 Steel Corrosion Resistance

SPY27 is a stainless steel and which means it has good corrosion due to its high Chromium content as well as it has Cobalt within its structure. This means it is able to be employed in salty water as well as humid conditions without rusting.

To increase the resistance to corrosion of this steel, it’s recommended to invest in the right maintenance and care. It is not a good idea to leave your knives in the water for a long time in hopes that they will be like new. To keep stains and rust at bay, you must wash and dry the SPY27 knives after use.

SPY27 Steel Toughness

The steel is fairly tough however, it’s not the most durable in the market. If you’ve dealt with steel in the past you are familiar with the principle that hard steels are not as durable. toughness. This is why the level of hardness that is offered by SPY27 is influenced by the extremely hardness.

One technique that is used in SPY27 steel that increases its toughness despite its high strength is by adding Niobium (1 percent) that refines grain structure to improve durability.

The good thing is that due to its durability that SPY27 can withstand punishment and can stand up to hard use. It won’t break, chip or break easily.

SPY27 Steel Edge retention

Edge retention is one of the most crucial qualities of steel since there is no pleasure in sharpening knives after each use. However, CPM SPY27 offers great edge retention, and is associated with the degree of hardness.

Edge retention is within the range of steels available currently, such as CTS BD1N S35VN as well as S30V. If you are seeking a knife that does not strain your sharpening routine then you’re on the right track since this steel is designed to do just the kind of edge retention you require.

SPY27 steel Wear resistance

SPY27 has a better wear retention that is superior to the other stainless steels there. The chemical composition encourages formation of hard vanadium carbides unlike soft chromium carbides that are found in other steels. Additionally it is the case that the Cobalt in the alloy can have a positive effect on the strength, which in turn means that it has a high wear resistance.

Blades made of this steel are strong Therefore, SPY27 knives will serve for many years.

SPY27 Steel’s ability to be sharp

The ability to sharpen steel is in line with the hardness. SPY27 is a hard steel, however it isn’t extremely hard, consequently, sharpening isn’t an issue. It is however not among the most easy steels to sharpen. It is not without its difficulties, particularly if you’re not familiar with sharpening.

SPY27 vs . other steels

Spy27 vs S30V vs S35VN

CPMSPY27 closely related the S30V as well as S35VN. It is the same hardness as S35VN and has the same degree of corrosion resistance as S30V.

The level of toughness is comparable to that of S35VN, and slightly higher than S30V. Furthermore, according to studies of microstructure, SPY27 has lower carbide levels when compared with S35VN as well as S30V.

S35VN as well S30V are , however, slightly better at the retention of edge than SPY27, but it is more difficult to get an edge over SPY27 with S30V and S35VN.


CTS BD1N and Spy27 steel have very similar characteristics in regards to durability, edge retention and sharpness. However, because SPY27 is a minor variation of S35VN steel, it has marginally better edge retention over CTS BD1N. Spyderco SPY27 priced higher than CTS BD1N..

There isn’t any definitive winner between them but the decision will be based on to personal preference and cost. Spy27 is nonetheless much easier to make a mark on regardless of your experience with sharpening.

SPY27 vs S45VN

Each of SPY27 and S45VN could be considered as an improvement to the previously successful Crucible S30V as well as S35VN steel. Spy27’s performance is somewhere the middle between S30V as well as S35VN steel. S45VN however, on the contrary being an improvement of S35VN and therefore surpasses Spy27 in in every aspect, like edge retention and corrosion resistance and the ease of sharpness. SPY27 could however outperform S45VN steel with regard to toughness.

Is SPY27 good knife steel?

Spyderco SPY27 is the product of two major firms in the knife-making sector, Spyderco and Crucible industries. The composition of the product is rich in of Cobalt which permits high-temperature quenching, improves its hardness, and increases the effects of other elements.

It has excellent edge retention, excellent corrosion rate, and decent toughness, which makes it a an excellent knife steel. Its only disadvantage is that it is difficult to sharpen, especially for those who are new to sharpening. However, it can be sharpened to a razor-sharp edge quickly using the correct sharpening tools.

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